Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Little Hunter

Annabelle was oh so cute today playing with her gun. Josh made Annabelle this rubber-band gun for Christmas. He did a great job on it and she loves it!!!
Then this afternoon she insisted on putting her camo sweatshirt on. Hey Jessica ~ Do you think she is headed for My Big Fat Redneck Wedding???


Anonymous said...

Clearly, I need to move home to intervene so that my Anna doesn’t end up a hick. I will bring her some of my southern belle charm that I am learning down here. :)

Montana Brandts said...

Clearly is is ready for "my Big Redneck Wedding!" Her wedding colors are camo...and her wedding present is a gun! Only appropriate! If only she had gotten a pink gun though...that might have made it a little better! What is the theme of her wedding going to be? Is she going to have mattress surfing, and mud wrestling? And, what is she going to ride down the isle on, a tractor, horse, or a 4-wheeler?! Any of them would be awesome! We better start planing now, for Kailey too. Like the center pieces...what are they going to be made out of...bullet shells? I think that might be a good idea, or we could fill a small flower pot with oats and wrap them in some fabric and tie it off with a pipe cleaner! That might be our best option! And as for the invitations...I think we should type them on a piece of paper and them glue some burlap around the outside! Oh, yeah and we have to decide on what kind of dress their going to wear! Should they have a cowboy hat with the veil draping down the back? Should they have camo fabric sewn into the dress somehow? Oh, and what kind of boots are they going to wear? Cowboy or snake boots? Oh, so many decisions! We better start planing today! Okay, now that I have made you laugh so hard you can barely breath right now, I will go get myself ready for the day! Talk to you later!

Montana Brandts said...

I ment she is ready, not is is! Sorry!

Montana Brandts said...

Thank you so much for your get well note! You must have filled it with a lot of love, care and prayers because I feel so much better today! I even felt well enough to eat all of my breakfast this morning! Thanks so much! I miss you, I wish we could play together everyday! It would be fun! I love you, your my very first and very best friend!