Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bag Tagged

Ok folks...I've been bag tagged. Here is the madness!
Notice the black wallet and the brown purse. Quite the combo. Sad sense of I style I don't have, I know.

1 Checkbook
1 Day planner
1 Wallet
1 Gas receipt
1 Receipt from City of Bozeman
1 City of Bozeman business card
Business card of realtor
Business card of lender
Business card of massage therapist
Fishing and hunting license and tags
4 paper clips
1 battery (dead I'm sure!)
CTR ring (random)
2 bracelets for Annabelle
1 hair-tye
3 pens
2 carpenter's pencils (I'm beginning to see a theme)
Cell phone

There you have it. I tag Suzy, Jessica, and Moria!!!
Post a picture and list the contents.


Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

You have a very clean purse!

Okay- sorry about leaving a comment on an older post! I get an email every time someone leaves a comment, so I just assumed everyone did that! Sorry :)

I know Tessa and Shannon... Did you play the trumpet at camp and have funky blonde hair? I swear I know who you are... it's just your current pictures don't look like how I'm picturing you from back then! Did you play basketball in high school? Maybe you should post some old high school or camp pics, just for me :) Sorry! I got to know soooo many girls through camp and running EFY, that more people know me than I can remember! I'm going to pull out my old camp photos and take a look for you... I was always hanging out around Drummond, I bet I could find you. :) Thanks for still being nice to me even though I have a retarded memory!

Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

okay, okay ... I knew that was you! I was picturing the crazy hair and trumpet, and it just didn't match up with your pictures, here, so I didn't want to guess that and have it be some other Sally, and offend you! How funny! See, I don't have that bad of a memory, you've just changed a lot! :) :)

Montana Brandts said...

Oh, Sally, Sally, Sally! Great another one of these TAG things! Here is the sad thing, that I am not sure I should mbe commenting on for everyone to see! It is very embarrasing actually! But here it goes! I don't have a purse! I use a diaper bag! Yep, that's right I have a diaper bag purse! It is very efficient let me tell ya! Now, I will be taking a picture and telling the whole blogging world about my embarrasing secret! But, know I am only doing because you are my best friend and I love ya! By the way...Miss organized are you! Holy crap! (excuse my french!) I could learn a lesson from you! See this is why you are my therapist! I need to learn lessons from you and apply them to my life! You are awesome! Gorgous, talented, crafty, organized, and just all around AWESOME! Love ya!

california smiths said...

I am amazed at how organized your bag is! Very impressive! Also I have to vote and say you look a lot like 'Lucy'!

Montana Brandts said...

Yes it is a vest that she is wearing! My mom bought her a winter coat before she was even born! And, it had the vest attached to it! Well, when we tried the coat on her this winter it was too small! And, she looked like the kid off Christmas Story who couldn't put his arms down! It was hilarious! So, we took the vest part off, and that fit her so that's the part she wears all the time! Kinda goofy, I know, but it's the best we can do!

Montana Brandts said...

I am so excited that you went potty in the toilet! I have been going too! I wish you lived closer so we could talk about our potty adventures! I miss you, and I wish we could play together everyday! We would have so much fun, nd we would probably get into trouble together! Hehehehe! Wouldn't our mom's love us then? I am so excited for you, and just wanted to tell you that I miss you and I love you! Talk to you soon! (I hope!)

Montana Brandts said...

I ment and, not nd! Silly me! I can't even talk yet, but I do know how to spell! I promise!

Montana Brandts said...

Are you dead again? I havn't heard from you and I am getting worried! Do I need to send someone over to check on you? By the way I thought of an awesome idea this weekend for our side businesses! So, I will either e-mail you later or call you! I hope you had an excellent weekend! We love ya!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Sweet! I love these tag things. Although my bag is pretty hideous. haha Not as organized as yours either. And most of the time I leave my wallet in the diaper bag.