Friday, April 18, 2008


I have been told many, many times that I look like "Lucy" from the show 7th Heaven. "Lucy" is actually the actress Beverly Mitchell. Apparently she has appeared on many shows including Baywatch (That is how you can be sure we aren't the same person!!!). Here are a few pictures of her.
Josh swears this is a picture of me from high school~Apparently he forgot my basketball uniform was blue and white!!

I used to color my hair lighter in highschool and this picture reminds me of my blonder days.
I wish my hair was this cute!

I created a poll so you can all cast your vote on how much I really look like "Lucy"!


Sherri Beck said...

I actually think you are a lot prettier than her, just for the record.

Sherri Beck said...

Hey, it actually just let me leave a comment on your site! I have tried before and it wouldn't let me. Just so you know, I think it is so fun that you have a blog. I love seeing how your family is doing, especially considering I hardly ever see you guys. keep up the good work on your blog, it is fun to look at!

Montana Brandts said...

How funny! You make me laugh! I can see the resemblance though! You guys do have similar features! I was just showing my mother-in-law your blog so she could see how I could make her blog look good! Oh, and I just noticed your cute your cute little saying at the bottom of the page! That is way cute! I hope you had an excellent day! I missed conversing with
you! I will have to call you next week for a sally fix! I miss you too much! Have a great weekend! Love ya!

Laura said...

Hey Yates! I don't know if you remember us but I was just cruising through some blogs and came across yours. We know Suzy and Trapper too but for some reason never connected the 2 Yates. Duh! It's nice to see that life does continue outside of the 72nd Ward and BYU-I. You're little girl is gorgeous.

-Laura Adams

PS. If you take a look at my blog you might find some other people from the 72nd Ward that you know ie. Bishop Samuelson ;)

Montana Brandts said...

Yea! Did Josh finally get out of the dog house? I see that his slide show is back! Did he bring you flowers? Take you out on a romantic date? Watch a chick flick with you without complaning? Clean the house while you were away, and when you came home everything was done for some magic cleaning fairy came while you were away? Do the laundry? Take care of Annabelle for 3-4 hours while you did whatever you felt like? Cook dinner for you? I remember you telling me the last time you did the slide show for him, that you would keep it on as long as he was nice to you! So, I just figured that he must have gotten in trouble since it went away! And, no that it's back...well that can only mean that he was good, right? Wouldn't it be nice if everything I listed above was done for us every day? That would be awesome, huh? I think so! Welp, I love you, and I'll probably call you tomorrow to talk...I need a good Dr. Sally talk! Don't worry I have already prepared my couch, so it is all ready for my session!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Hey! You know Laura Adams? Cool! She's a funny girl.
It's so funny how much you look like that girl. For a second I did think that was you in the basketball uniform. haha

I'm sad I missed the poll. :( I've not been checking up on you as muc has I should. Sorry!