Monday, May 19, 2008

Here is Annabelle playing with the worms that Josh dug up out of my brother's flower gardens.

Josh and his girl getting ready to throw a line in.

Annabelle loved the trampoline. She would cry when we would take her off. And the weather was so nice that she really enjoyed being outside. What a cutie!

Check out that blue tongue. One of the ladies at the store in Drummond is in love with Annabelle and already has plans for her to marry her grandson. So she always gives Annabelle suckers when we go in. This day just happened to be a nice blue one.


Montana Brandts said...

What a cutie! Oh, I can't wait to see her! She is getting so big! Fishing all by herself!! I can't beleive it! It feels like yesterday we were holding them on our lap while the men fished, being mad becuase we wanted to fish too and the men were being fishing hogs! Now you all get to fish! How sad, but exciting! I really can hardly wait for you guys to come this weekend! I AM SO EXCITED, you don't even know!! You guys are so cute! We love you all!

Anonymous said...

I did not cry, much. Annabelle needs to come to Grandma Krolls to fish soon. Plus I really would let you take care of me!
Love all you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Sally, I just read Moria's blog and if all it takes to get you to bring Annabelle to visit is comments on your blag I can leave them everyday. 27 a day work for you?
Love ya. Mom