Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day today! Josh got up early and made me breakfast in bed consisting of bacon, an egg burrito and cinnamon rolls! Annabelle got up in time to bring it in to me along with some presents. My sweet little Annabelle got me a beautiful purple flower ring. You can sort of see it in one of the pictures. The only bad thing was that Annabelle is sick! Yesterday we found out the reason for the fever and whining this last week.......A Massive Ear Infection! The poor kiddo. She is feeling much better now that she got some good meds. So even though I had to go to church alone today, I still had a great day!

Here are some pictures of me and Annabelle on our special day!
I know these pictures are basically the same but Annabelle is smiling more in one. :)

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Montana Brandts said...

You girls are so cute! I am so glad to hear you had a happy Mothers day!! You are gorgeous!! We are SOOOOOOO excited about your visit, we can hardly wait! So, I have lots to tell you about this stoy consisting of a very close "rushing Kailey to the Emergency Room!" Yeah...good times!! Anyway, I'll probably just call you tomorrow to tell you all about it...writing it out just won't have the same effect as hearing it straight from my mouth!!! We love you both!! Glad to hear Annabelle is feeling better, we don't like it when our friends and little angels are under the weather, thats NO FUN!!