Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Thanks Laura!
Here's how to play: List 3 joys, 3 of your fears, 3 of your goals, 3 current obsessions/collections and 3 random, surprising facts about yourself. At the end of your post, tag more people.

3 Joys

1) Breathing in the fresh Montana mountain air while out camping or fishing. You know in highschool when you used to get those dumb e-mail forwards about "natural highs"??? This is really one of them!
2) Annabelle and Josh. Even though some days Annabelle is more stress than joy, she really does bring me so much happiness. And Josh is the most wonderful husband ever. I know lots of you probably think your husband is the best too, so I won't crush your happy little thoughts by telling you how wonderful Josh is, but just so you know, he REALLY IS way better than any other husband I've ever heard about!!
3) Baking on a rainy day. I love to bake and rainy days are the best. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh cookie to brighten a cloudy day.

3 Fears

1) Beavers!!! I have this odd fear of beavers. In highschool I would go with a friend to check his beaver traps and sometimes it would be dark out at night and we would be walking around the pond and the beavers would hear us coming and dash out in front of us to get into the water. Ever since then I haven't been too fond of the creatures.
2) Just like Laura, I too, am afraid of car accidents. I've heard of people before who always thought they would die in a car wreck and then it really did happen. I've thought that too but Josh insists that I am just working myself up about it.
3) People just stopping by my house when I am not expecting them. I like to know when people are coming so I can have it clean and tidy and I can make sure I am properly clothed. I've been known not to answer the door if I don't want people coming in.

3 Goals

1) Own a house within the next year.
2) Actually workout 3 times a week for a month straight. Not so hard, I know, but I usually step onto the scale on the morning of "workout days" and if it hasn't gone up or has continued to go down, sometimes I am lazy and don't exercise!
3) Not to complain about hunting season this year more than 5 times. This will be a tough one for me. I love hunting, but sometimes I don't like going as hard as Josh does. He wears me out. I used to be mad at him for leaving me home alone with Annabelle while he went hunting when she wasn't even 2 weeks old yet. I promised him I wouldn't bring it up anymore since I have forgiven him for it, so after this post, it shall not be spoken of again! (maybe)

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

1) My #1 obsession.......Crafts!!! I do way too many crafts and I have nowhere to put them! That's why I started to sell my cards. That way I can continue to make things but they don't all have to stick around my house.
2) Reality TV shows. I am a sucker for all of them. The good news is we only get a few channels so I don't actually watch that many. But I do love them!
3) Pink and Brown. I love pink and brown together and lately I want to make everything those colors. I am planning to start soon on a quilt for Annabelle and guess what colors I am thinking........

3 Random, Surprising Facts About Me

1)I just got a new hair-do. I had it long for a while and I was so tired of it, so I went on down to my friend Wendie. She cut somewhere around 5 inches off and then did highlights. It was so much fun......Thanks Wendie!!!
2) I can gut my own deer. I just need a tiny bit of instruction from Josh but I don't mind doing the dirty work!
3) I lived in the same house from the day I came home from the hospital until I moved to college.

I tag......Moria ~ Suzy ~ Shannon ~ Laura (Adams)


Trapper and Suzy said...

Okay, Sal, it's on!! I have the BEST husband around! haha I know how you feel. To me, Trapper is just so amazing, I just don't imagine there ever being a better husband than him.
And you and I are such opposites when it comes to crafts. I've never been crafty or been able to get into it. I'm still trying to figure out what my own obsessive hobby is.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE reading your posts, especially when you mention Montana. I can't wait to live next door to you in your new house. We are very simliar turns out. I've also been known to "pretend" I'm not home. : )