Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Fun Weekend

At the last minute we decided that we would go to Drummond for the holiday weekend. We got up and left Friday morning and had to come back Saturday night but it was definitely worth the trip! Josh loves the 4th of July in Drummond because you can actually light off fireworks. None of this "it can't leave the ground" garbage. We're talking the bigger the better. My brother, Aaron, was a little disappointed that my mom didn't have time to take him to the reservation to get some bigger, maybe illegal, ones! (Yes Laura N., I am jealous) It was a regular old redneck Independence Day complete with lighting of the fireworks with a propane torch.

Here was Annabelle's reaction to the first brick of firecrackers. Eventually she enjoyed the pretty ones.
Annabelle saying goodbye to her Great Grandma Ostler.

Annabelle was exhausted by the end of the show. She went straight to bed!
On Friday Josh and my dad worked on the boat and made sure it was running good. Then we did the fireworks that night. On Saturday we took the boat out to Georgetown Lake. We had a blast! It wasn't as warm as I thought it was supposed to be, hence the picture of me in my brother's sweat shirt, but we toughed it out. Josh did a little skiing and I kneeboarded. I didn't take any pictures though, just videos so I will have to post those later. And we managed to do a little fishing too. I actually only fished for about five minutes, but I caught the biggest one! The reel on my pole was having issues so I threw a line out with Annabelle's (I'm talking Dora the Explorer kiddie pole) and reeled in a nice rainbow.
Look how cute my mom and dad are taking the boat for a ride. My mom practically grew up in a boat and we used to basically spend summers at the lake so it is so natural for her to be out on the water.


Brooke said...

Thats classic! I can't believe you caught a fish with Dora! WE've thought about getting Trey one. OKay I've thought about it every time we've seen them at Cabela's. But seeing as how WE don't go fishing the point is moot. Looks like you guys had a fun 4th!

Montana Brandts said...

I am so glad you guys had fun! And, I am glad to hear that the Rotten Pumpkin didn't quit on you in the middle of the lake! And I am also espicially happy to see that there was NO SNOW on the ground when you went! I am so glad you had a fun 4th! Thank you so much for being there for me this weekend! I can't express to you enough how grateful I am to you for our friendship, you are amazing! The night ended up being tons of fun on the 4th! And, Saturday turned out fun too! You have to send me these pictures with the boat! You are awesome!

Montana Brandts said...

I almost forgot to comment on the fish! Nice job! Way to mark one up for the girls! Hoestly we need to go camping so we can out fish the boys, our Coke-a-Cola's will give us our inner and secret strength the boys don't know we have! And, seriously how awesome that you did it with Annabelle's pole! Honestly Sally you are the Woman!!!

The Reese's said...

looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! i wish we could do fireworks like that :)

Montana Brandts said...

On your custom creations site, I noticed you have the lines behind your title! If you want to get rid of them, just go to the HTML and scroll down to the Header section, and anywhere you see border;solid, you want to erase that whole line! That will take away those lines behind your header for you!

california smiths said...

Looks like a like fun! You guys are so adventurous! I drove by the Yates new shed. WOW! Looks like quite the project, I bet it will be nice when it is done.

Montana Brandts said...

I did it Sally! I went to the gym last night and kicked my own butt with an awesome workout! I have made a permanent deal with Zack that I get Tuesday and Thursday nights to workout, and he gets Saturday and Monday Mornings! I am so excited! When I went to the doctor yesterday, lets just say I really hope their scale was wrong, otherwise I am a major tubalub!!! What did Josh say about the bed? My sister-in-law called me last night after they delivered the bed and told me it was WAY cute and most definetely worth $80.00! So, I am way excited about it! But, I am having a tough time deciding on the new bedding! I want to redo Kailey's room a little bit and its a tough desicion! Hope you have an excellent day!! Luv ya!