Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Cutie

Here are a few pictures from the last few days that I thought I'd share.

My future basketball star. My most amazing Aunt Penney and Uncle Mike got her this cute outfit. They didn't even live in the same town as us, but they used to travel to come to almost all of my basketball games when I was in highschool. They would even decorate their vehicle and join in the escort parade for tournaments. One year my uncle even had the whole team sign a t-shirt for him. We all thought it was so cool. I think they were our biggest fans!
Isn't she cute!?!And check out that hair. It still continues to lose its curl but this day it was quite cute!
Yesterday while I was packing, Annabelle brought her blanket out and crawled in this box. She is so funny.


Montana Brandts said...

Oh, little Miss Annabelle is so cute! I love the basketball outfit! I wish Kailey had one of those! Annabelle is the cutest little girl, we miss you guys so much! Kailey is still really sick, but if she was feeling better I am sure she would want to do nothing else but play with Annabelle in that box! I could just see them together! They would be so cute!

Jenny said...

Annabelle is lucky to have such great parents.

Laura... and the boys said...

I love the little b-ball uniform. She's so adorable!

Montana Brandts said...

You are neglecting your blogging duties! I know you are busy but that is no excuse! We are missing you! We may just have to call you today to make sure you are still alive! Now I expect a new post on here soon! None of this we have been moving and extremely busy excuse! We aren't buying it! JK! We love ya and miss ya! Now get to posting!!