Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had a great trip to Utah for the past week. Annabelle was overly spoiled, and she loved it. But after so much fun the entire week, she was getting a little burnt out. We sure are glad to be home.
Dressing up with Mr. Potato Head items.
My darling little girl.
Fun with cousin Jackson and Grandpa Yates.
Plowing snow on the four-wheeler with dad.
Annabelle didn't like Santa even when he sounded and looked a little like Grandpa.
Christmas morning daze.
My favorite man.
Everyone had fun playing in the newly finished bungalow. Playing Wii on the projector screen seemed to be a hit.
Annabelle planting some germs on one of Jackson's toys. The kid still won't keep things out of her mouth!

We had such a great time with everyone, but for me the best part of all was having an entire week to spend with Josh. For that reason, the week seemed to go by way too fast. Tomorrow is back to the same old routine, but we don't mind it that way.


The Reese's said...

looks like so much fun and now i have an idea what the inside of that huge shed looks like :) i agree that it goes to fast and it's weird to think that tomorrow it's back to the same old thing.

Montana Brandts said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! I am so glad you guys were able to stop by!! It was so fun to see you and little Annabelle! She is getting so big... it is so sad isn't it? Our little babies all grown up and talking and everything!! I still remember going to the hospital to see you and little baby Annabelle who was so small she was like a little baby doll!! Man they grow up fast!!

Montana Brandts said...

I totally forgot to show it to you when you got here! IT would have been fun to bust out and play with!! But, that's okay that just means another excuse for a trip!! We should meet somewhere just the two of us and have a girls weekend, and do crafts and play with the Cricket and stuff! It would be so much fun!!

Jenny said...

Looks like fun! And I agree with you about getting back to the old routine. :)

california smiths said...

Looks like a fun trip to Utah! Courtney likes to dress up with the Mr. Potato Head accessories too. Cracks me up how much kids think alike! Happy Holidays!