Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My not so girly girl

This story is 100% true. Honestly. As I was attempting to comb Annabelle's hair this morning while she was brushing her teeth I noticed her reaching over into the drawer and pulling out little hair clips and barrettes. She has a whole drawer full but she almost never lets me put them in her hair. And if she does, they don't last long. Well I started to notice she was taking them out and then they were disappearing. Turns out she was stuffing them down the overflow hole in the bathroom sink! I have no idea how many are down there, but I guess we'll stop using that sink for the rest of the day and leave the retrieval up to Josh! Then she found a purple barrette that matched her shirt and she wanted it in her hair. I was so thrilled that she actually picked one out herself and was going to allow this to happen. She wore it for over an hour while we were doing puzzles and playing and the whole time I was writing out this post in my mind about how my little girl may have finally turned over a new leaf. I was just thinking I needed to grab my camera and get a picture to document it when I turn around and found this!

That's right. She had pulled that cute little purple barrette right out and took several strands of hair with it. Not to mention half of the hair pulled out of the little ponytail and left this mess of hair. I guess I never should have gotten my hopes up. The truth is, the picture is only of her upper body because her pants today don't match at all. And I am quite the fashion statement myself today. Basically the kid never had a chance with me as her mother. Good thing we are just taking it easy today. Now let's just hope that today isn't the miracle day when somebody actually comes to our house. THAT would be just my luck!

And also for your viewing pleasure, here is a short video of some fun we had on Saturday. Josh got to come home from work early due to the new snowfall so we enjoying spending the day with him. My voice is SO annoying during it so feel free to turn off your sound! And the noise in the background is Jackson not so thrilled about his recent face full of snow.


Montana Brandts said...

What fun!! Annabelle is such a goof! It is hillarious! And, welcome to my world of hair crisis! Kailey NEVER lets me do anything to her hair! Ponytails last a total of about 2 min. if I am lucky, and lets not even talk about barrets!! Those are just non exsistant!! What a sneak putting those in the drain! You will have to check out my blog later today for Kailey's recent diaster!! I can't even discribe to you how bad it was!! All I have to say is I really hope I get blessed with a mild child next time!! I don't know if I can handle 2 Kailey's!!

california smiths said...

I can relate so well to your hair crisis. Courtney walks around most of the time with crazy hair because she hates to have it done, hates to wear bows or headbands or anything. All I can do is poneytail it. I always feel like people think I don't try. Glad to see Courtney is not the only girl like that. I laughed so hard that she stuck them down the drain though!