Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day Off

We were all so excited that Josh had yesterday off. An entire day, besides Sunday, to spend with us! Josh decided a while ago that he wanted to go up and see Aspen. We had been told that it's really not that great, so we weren't expecting anything spectacular, but we still wanted to go. We started the day by going to out to breakfast. We ran a few errands and then we had to hit the carwash on the way out of town. Josh was paranoid at first that his truck was too big and that the automatic sprayers were going to hit the back end. And this is the face Annabelle held almost the entire time. And then she would duck and cover her head when the sprayers came past her window!
When we got to Aspen we walked around and went to some of the little shops. The best part of it was just getting out and getting some fresh air.

My 2 most favorite people. Looking so cute.
We couldn't leave town without getting a picture of this place. Even spelled just like our little Annabelle.
And here is a picture of the scenery as we headed out of town. Honestly, not that impressive. I was really expecting more pine trees. Of course it isn't the middle of winter and the snow is melting off, but still nothing special.
I'm still happy to call western Montana my home. It's a lot prettier than Aspen, CO! Then we stopped at a few more places on the way home to do a little shopping for Josh. It was absolutely wonderful to have a day to spend out and about with him. I have been completely burnt out lately. Taking care of an active 2 year old, being pregnant, watching other people's kids, tax season, getting ready to put our house on the market and having Josh working 72 hours a week means I don't really ever get a break. I'm not complaining, but it sure makes me enjoy days like yesterday even more! I'm definitely looking forward to Josh having next Monday off too! Another day to spend with my man.


J@y kr{}LL said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Thats exciting that Josh gets off next monday too!! And Annabelle is getting sooooo big.
--Luv ya tons

Montana Brandts said...

What a fun day... and a nice break!! That's funny that you went to Aspen... we were just watching Dumb & Dumber this weekend!! What a funny movie... a classic!! I hope next week is just as fun... if not funner!!

Kevin and Cami said...

Kevin took today off and it was SOOO nice. I totally understand being burnt out. Annabelle's face is just precious. I am glad you got a day out with your family.