Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Poisoning

Yep, that's right. I believe we've had a case of food poisoning at our house. I don't think it's just a flu because it hit us all at the same time and I am already feeling beter. I don't know where it could have come from, but I'm not taking any chances. I've thrown out all the leftovers, milk, eggs and bread in the house! Poor little Annabelle didn't know what hit her. She was so excited when aunt Suzy came to the rescue with Gatorade that she drank so much so quickly that it never had a chance at staying down!

Annabelle found comfort in her Dora chair, Dora pillow, and Dora "blanket" (sheet).

I tried my best to stay hydrated for the baby since that can cause major problems with the blood clot issue but all I managed to take in yesterday was about 10 oz of Gatorade, 1 popsicle stick and about 8 saltine crackers. Today we're a little weak and all a few pounds lighter but I think we'll make it. We graduated to eating chicken noodle soup and toast so things are looking better.

And this is mostly for my mom.....I promised her a sneak peek at what I've been working on for new baby girl's room. The color is a little off in the picture, but I'm doing green and black for her new bedding. It's so fun putting together new girly stuff for her!


Jenny said...

Oh, I hope you all start feeling better very soon. I hate throwing up, but I have discovered I hate it even more when little ones are sick to their stomaches. So sad.

Montana Brandts said...

Okay this is so weird, I swear I left a comment about this, but I must not have typed in the code right or something!! Anyway, you know we love you all, and we are glad you guys are feeling better! And, I love the new bedding fabric and colors, I can't wait to see the final outcome! You are so awesome Martha!!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors. This is one lucky baby girl. Thanks for the preview! I'm so glad that everyone is feeling better. The only thing worse than cleaning up throw up is doing it when you're pregnant. Mom

Page Family said...

I'm glad your all feeling better. Your are so talented, I too can't wait to see the finished product!!