Monday, May 11, 2009

My Lucky Day

Yesterday was my lucky day, Mother's Day. I say that because I truly feel so blessed to be a mom. I have always loved my little Annabelle more than words can tell, but with recent experiences with baby girl I am even more grateful to be a mother. I had such a great day. Josh and Annabelle made it extra special for me. Josh kept asking what I wanted for a gift but I told him atleast 10 times that I didn't need or deserve anything. But he wouldn't let that slide. The day started with a card from Annabelle and Josh, complete with coloring by my sweet little girl. Then on to breakfast in bed: an egg, toast, strawberries and a cinnamon roll. (Actually the day started with me getting up to take Annabelle to the potty and then having to lay back in bed for a half hour and pretend like I was still asleep while they cooked breakfast!) Then the presents came in. They got WAY MORE than they should have for me.

Then after we got ready for church I told Josh what I really wanted was a few pictures with my little girl on Mother's Day. Annabelle can be a bit of a twirp when it comes to pictures but the full out bawling and the fact that Josh did all the pictures REALLY CLOSE up only makes it worse! I feel it is necessary to post all of these so you can get the full effect......
Annabelle was so sweet and sat on my lap and let me cuddle her during church for a lot longer than she usually does. Possibly the best gift of all! So I thought we'd try for a picture again after church. Atleast Annabelle isn't bawling but she was super tired.

After Annabelle's much needed nap, Josh said we could do whatever I wanted. So of course I chose to head up into the mountains. This was Annabelle on the way up. She's definitely my little girl!

Then she needed to enjoy a little snack. Again, totally like her mother!

I wanted a picture of Annabelle and I together up in the mountains but again, no cooperation. So Josh snapped this picture of me. I thought it was funny because we could have taken this anywhere. The point was to remember where we were!

A special thanks to my wonderful husband, Joshua, and my sweet little Annabelle for making it such a special day.


Montana Brandts said...

Look how gorgeous you are!! Model material for sure!! That is what you should look into doing... honestly you look amazing!! And, I can 100% relate to all of those pics. with Annabelle! You guys still look adorable though despite all the screaming and all!! I love it!! I am so glad you had a happy mothers day... you deserve it!! We love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a happy mother's day - next year it will be double! We had a good day yesterday, seeing Jay and celebrating mother's day with the family. The boyzzzz were all in fine form and we did lots of laughing. You mom wanting to hurry home to get your call and see Annabelle on the web cam reminded me that I do need to get mine hooked up. Take care, love you guys! Auntie Penn

california smiths said...

Happy Mother's Day! You look so cute and Annabelle looks like darling even crying!

The Reese's said...

happy mother's day and love the picture of you.i don't have any pictures of just me like that.