Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have been busy, yet not so busy all at the same time. Living a simple life, yet very chaotic too. We've had frustrating times, and also very fun times.

The people who agreed to rent our house in Colorado backed out at the last minute when Josh was almost there to meet with them. Great! NOT. Now we are trying to list our house with a property management group to rent it, but it has been a slow process. The whole situation is driving me crazy but I'm trying not to think about it since there isn't much we can do about it. So if anyone wants to live in Rifle, CO we have a nice 1 year old house just sitting there empty with the grass probably growing ridiculously long!

Josh has been busy working some days, hunting more days and probably bored the rest of the days hanging out at home with the girls. We are living in a small 2 bedroom house, so we don't have much of our own stuff's a simple life. We are going to stay here in Drummond for a while and fix up this house that my parents own. I am super excited about the idea of fixing up an old house but it's going to be tough with the kids confined to such a small space when the weather starts getting cold!

So to escape the crazy life for a day we went out to the lake for the Labor Day holiday. We had so much fun. It wasn't that warm out but we still had a good time.
Annabelle loved playing with my Uncle Mike.
My grandparents brought out their camper.

Here is 4 generations at the girls, me, my mom, and her parents. We've been going to this lake for years so I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all of us out there.

Here is a view from the lake......I LOVE Montana!

Josh with one of his fish he caught.

And my brother, Aaron. The only one of us brave enough to get in the water with the cold wind blowing!

Even though things have been a little frustrating for us lately, I sure am glad to be back home and be able to enjoy all the fun family outings again.


Trapper and Suzy said...

Oh man, I'm sorry about your house. Hopefully something will come up for you soon. I'm glad that y'all are back though for your sake! Moving is not fun with little kids.
I see you got a sling!! How's that workin' for ya? And Layla? We cant' wait to see how big she's gotten!

california smiths said...

Wow, that view of the lake is breath-taking! Looks like a good time in Montana!

Montana Brandts said...

You are so awesome with your positive attitude despite all the dissapointments and frustrations you have been going through! I am sorry thigs are rough right now... but trust me it can only get better! I am so glad you got to get out and have some fun... that's always the best thing to releive your frustations!! Montana is so pretty I forget sometimes what we left up there! The pictures are making me home sick! I am glad you get to fix up your parents other house, that will be fun! Fixing up houses can be fun, but exhausting at the same time with 2 kids! We love you all and miss you... and we are keeping you guys in our prayers for your house in Co. to rent soon!! We wish you luck with everything... give me a call anytime to talk!!

J@y kr{}LL said...

Oh man. :) I sure do miss the lake. I haven't been in years. And I so would have gotten into the water. :) but I'm just crazy like that. Miss you guys and loves you lots and lots and tons.

Jenny said...

Bummer about the house. Looks like you guys are having fun back in Montana. That would be a great place to visit!
More pictures of Layla please!