Friday, November 20, 2009

Old Navy Deals & Suture Removal

Yesterday the girls and I headed off for Missoula. I never know how it's going to go with the girls in the car for hours running between stores but yesterday they did pretty good. We were only gone 7 hours so that was actually quicker than I thought we would be. Anyway....our first stop was Old Navy. I was thrilled when I pulled up and saw signs for their 50% off clearance priced items. This is one of the best sales they have. Luckily we got there right as the store opened so everything hadn't been picked through too badly. If you have ever been there during these sales, you know what I mean. Clothes laying in huge piles everywhere and nothing folded! I asked and they said the sale went through Wednesday, so you might want to check and see if it's the same in your area. I came out of there with some awesome deals! It's worth the trip for sure! Just thought I'd share that.

Then it was on to our other shopping, getting the oil changed in the car, and finally back to the hospital to have Annabelle's stiches removed. That was not fun for her! She was fine while they swaddled her up this time, but the nurses weren't that great, actually, and it took them forever to get them out. Some of the stitches were pulled a little tight so it was hard for them to get underneath and get them snipped. Annabelle cried and Layla screamed the whole time. I had to go by myself with the two girls so Layla had to come in this time. I was worried she would get upset after being in town all day but I wanted to make it our last stop. But nevertheless the stitches are out. Annabelle asked them for a popsicle since she got one there last time and that made everything better! And of course by the time we left she was covered in stickers. She LOVES stickers and thank goodness they have mass amounts there! She has now graduated to steri-strips and has to have those for a few days and then she'll be bandage free!


Anonymous said...

She is such a cute little bug! Give her a great big hug from me. Love, Auntie Penn

Jenny said...

I can't believe you could manage a 7 hour day like that! Good job. And I am glad you got to shop at sales!
Don't you just hate it when the nurses aren't good with kid procedures?