Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Checkups and Rice Cereal

Yesterday we headed into town for Dr. appts for the girls. It was 19 degrees BELOW zero when we took off at 9 a.m. BRRRRRR! I would have cancelled them but we already had to reschedule once and both of them were a little past due, so off we went. Annabelle had her 3 year checkup and she is doing pretty good. She weighed in at 26 3/4 lbs and was 34 3/4 inches tall. Then she got the nasal seasonal flu vaccine and it was hilarious. After they shot it up in each side she would blow snot out all over the nurse! Josh said he overheard the nurse later telling the receptionist that she needed to wash her hands because that little girl blew it all over her!

Layla had her 4 month exam and here are her latest stats....13lbs, 5oz and 23 inches long. Her weight is still holding up there nicely but her length might be tapering off a bit and the Dr said she may be on the "petite side". Of course she will be, have you seen me and Josh? We're not the tallest folks around. During our visit the Dr said we could start cereal and baby food whenever we wanted to. I have been holding on to all her "baby-hood" like things and not wanting my sweet little babe to grow up so I wasn't planning on starting anything for a while but for some reason I got really excited when the Dr said that and I couldn't wait any longer. So we picked up some rice cereal and started last night. She was so funny. All these pictures make it look like she hated it, but she actually did great for her first time. She had more this morning and did even better. I'm a little torn because she is growing SO fast and I hate that, but it is SO fun to see her do new things too!

And here are just a few pictures of the girls together yesterday. Annabelle wanted to read Layla a book. She set everything up herself. Really, Layla is under there somewhere.

There she is, kind of!


Trapper and Suzy said...

Oh, haha too funny. Jackson's doing the same thing with Braden. Except, he'll give him toys to play with and then act like he's going to play with him, but he'll take the toys away and say "Mine!" But does Braden care? lol Nope. Not at all. He just tries to take it back again.

Jenny said...

That is really cold! I'm glad the girls are doing well. Kids sure grow up fast.

Montana Brandts said...

So cute! I can't wait to start Carson on food, it will be so fun! I know what you mean about their babyness though, they are growing way to fast! The girls are too cute! I miss them and of course you already!