Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick Kids

My girls have been sick. It has not been fun. It started over a week ago when Annabelle woke up coughing in the night. Then she claimed she had "oowwwwies" in her nose and convinced Grandma Kroll to give her a bandaid for it. She was lookin' good!

Pretty soon Layla started to come down with it and this is how she woke up one morning. Boogers smeared all over her face. Notice how her eyebrows are plastered all weird with snot!

Layla has been crying pretty much non-stop for the last 2 days (including the nights!) and I got thinking she might have an ear infection. Luckily the clinic in Drummond could get her in this morning and sure enough, bad ear infection. I sure hope she gets feeling better soon and I am looking forward to some sleep in the near future!


Shannon said...

First of all, CUTE family picture! You have such an adorable family!

Second, the plastered eyebrows are so funny! Poor girl! Good luck getting better around there!

Penny said...

That grandma kroll is a sucker for cute little girls, isn't she? I gues that's one of the reasons we love her!! SOrry about the sick kids.

Montana Brandts said...

Poor girls! I'm sorry... I hope you all get some sleep and the girls get feeling better soon!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Icky! As much as I think Layla's so cute, the boogery faces are so gross. It's like when there's drool. I just can't stand it. That's just me.

I hope they get better soon! You need to get some rest so you don't get sick either!

california smiths said...

I hate it when the snot does that to them. Breaks my heart. They just want it off and only now how to smear....poor girl!