Saturday, March 13, 2010

Did you know.....

Did you know that Layla has curly hair? It has been that way since she was born but it would straighten out as it dried. Well, now her hair is long and thick enough that it stays curly unless I comb it out. Here she is after a bath. No gel or spray needed. I just comb it up in the middle and it curls over into a bit of a fohawk.

Here's a side shot. Bad picture, but it's hard to get the little gal to hold still these days. She's a busy one!

And did you notice her eye? I'm not sure what's going on with that. She had clogged tear ducts but they had pretty much cleared up and then the one eye got really goopy and red around it. It started a few days before she started getting a runny nose again. I'm sure they're related but I'm so afraid we're going to end up with another ear infection or sinus infection or something. No good. But she's still just as cute!


Montana Brandts said...

She is SOOOOOOO cute! I LOVE her little face, with those adorable cheeks! I just want to hold her and kiss those cute little cheeks! She is so adorable, and I didn't know she had curley hair, it is so cute! It's making me remember the days when Kailey had curls... I miss those days! I hope she gets feeling better soon, Annabelle too! I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and hope they don't get any more sicknesses. And, I hope her eye clears up soon! We love you all tons!

Jenny said...

Love the curls and smiles! And I hope that her eye clears up. Dallin is on antibiotics for his eye problem (cold in his eye).