Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The raspberries are on, and I can't keep the girls out of them!

Yummmmm! Or, as Layla would say, "num num"!


Montana Brandts said...

One question, why didn't you invite me over for pie?!? That looks delicious!! How fun that you have rasberries, I am jealous, they look so good, I can see why the girls can't get enough of them!! And, especially if your making them into pies!! The picture of Layla is SO cute... I love it!

J@y kr{}LL said...

Num Num Num!!! :) I wish you guys could mail me some raspberries. I'm so glad they're doing well and that you guys are getting plenty of them to eat. Any ice cream for annabelle from the frosty freeze deal? And how exciting that layla is big enough to get to eat them. I bet she'd stay in the garden all day picking them. lol.