Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've been busy. Too busy to blog. Most of my spare time has been going into items like these:
Getting ready for this:
But here are some pictures of what else we've been up to:

Most of the garden is done, but we've got some little bitty pumpkins coming on!
Annabelle loves to eat carrots right out of the garden for an afternoon snack.
Picking up candy at the parade.

Josh drove a tractor in the parade.
They are seriously growing up way too fast!

And my dear friend Lena was visiting from Ukraine. Lots more to come about her visit in it's own post.


Montana Brandts said...

The girls are growing up WAY too fast! They are SO stinkin' cute!! I can't wait to see them & you in just 2 short weeks!! Woohoo!!

Trapper and Suzy said...

They ARE growing up too fast! I can't wait to see y'all at Christmas! I was thinking how Layla kind of looks like Braden to me. It might just be me. And I LOVE the family picture at the top. You all look great!

Shannon said...

So fun! Oh, and two other things...thanks for fixing the necklace! It's so cute! And thanks for the earrings!! Also, I got the invite to the ShicShoppe party. I sure hope I can make it! I have a possible plan that day that I hope will be moved to Saturday! If it is, I'm definitely coming! I want to come! Perhaps I'll see if Jessica Dalling wants to come as well! :)

Jenny said...

Dallin would soooo want to be there to ride on the tractor with Josh. For all his love affair with tractors, he's never ridden on one before.

That looks like beautiful jewelry. Wish I had money.