Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Beauties

My friend, Lauren, did pictures of my girls in December. It has just taken me a little while to get around to posting a few of them. She did a great job and I am in love with them....the girls AND the pictures, that is.

Some are what I call photo flops, but I just had to share them.
I love how you can see her teeth in these ones. Most kids her age have a mouth full of teeth, but we usually only see Layla's 2 bottom ones. :)

We call this Layla's "camera smile".
And my gorgeous 4 year old...

I love this picture of her! And no, she didn't get those eyelashes from me. I wish!

Thanks Lauren for capturing the beauty of my little ladies!

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Montana Brandts said...

Oh how precious are your girls?!? They are SO CUTE!! I love them, I wish we could have gotten together when you guys were down here, but we'll get together sometime soon!! We love you guys!!