Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Gymnasts

Annabelle has been taking gymnastics classes for about 6 months now. She absolutely LOVES it! It has been fun to see her get so excited about something and work to pass off new skills. She only has 1 more thing to pass off and she will move up a level. I am so proud of her!

Now that Layla is 18 months old she is taking classes too. I didn't have any plans of starting her but one day I took her through the rotations instead of trying to keep her out of the way and she did amazingly well. She was just thrilled with herself, so there was no going back.

I took a couple quick pictures at class this week. They have a routine coming up during halftime of a high school basketball game so I'll be sure to post pictures of that too.
Annabelle is so proud of her SLP (Safe Landing Position).
This picture is a little awkward, but her bar skills are my favorite!
Layla's favorite is the bar too.
What a climber.


Alli Eliason said...

SO fun! Where are they doing it at? We never were able to pull of a successful gymnastics program when we were around...

Trapper and Suzy said...

I miss gymnastics! If we were able to stay in one place I'd have the boys do that too. I bet that is so fun watching them. : ) They're so cute.

Montana Brandts said...

How cute!! I LOVE it!! They are the cutest girls EVER!!