Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Visit

Today was our first visit to PCMC (Primary Children's Medical Center). First thing this morning Annabelle had a CT and ultrasound guided biopsy of the tumor. She did really well with the sedation and it was much easier coming out of it than after her MRI. It did take longer to wear off so we got a little comic relief as she staggered around and slurred her words a bit! After the biopsy we headed over to the Dr's office. We didn't have an appointment but we wanted to check in and see about her appt tomorrow. When we walked in and told them who we were they were expecting us and said they'd been hearing about Annabelle all morning and they'd page the Dr right away. It was nice to feel so important, but I'd rather not have to be that important to a top neurosurgeon!
The MRI cd had just arrived so Dr Brockmeyer took a quick look. He explained to us that Annabelle's tumor is in the bone also and is constricting one of the 2 vertebral arteries which supply blood to the brain. That of course makes surgery much more complex. He needs to consult with other physicians and radiologists after looking at all the MRI and CT scan images to see if they were to operate, how they would go about it. They would need to do something with that artery and also decide if they needed to take some of the bone whether or not they should fuse some of the spine or if it would be stable enough. We have another appt tomorrow morning with Dr Brockmeyer to make some decisions. At that time we'll also have the results from today's biopsy. We should know if it is benign or malignant and whether they will remove it now or try to shrink it some first. So tomorrow is the big decision day!
We are scheduled for surgery on Friday so we have a spot reserved if needed. Annabelle is doing really well and handled things great today! She absolutely loved the toys and activities at the hospital. She made and decorated a paper crown that she couldn't wait to show to Layla. She was also quite proud of her crayon shaped bandaids! She is still in pain and will cry sometimes when she gets bumped but overall she is doing amazingly well. Such a tough girl! Many, many thanks to everyone fasting and praying for us. We can feel your support and are so grateful for it!

Here is a mailing address for those who have asked. Once she is admitted in-patient to the hospital I will let people know where to send things then.
Annabelle Yates
4795 W 8000 N
Tremonton UT 84337


Trapper said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the address. You are going to need a Uhaul to get all of the stuff we want to send her home. Tell her how much Aunt Ria and Uncle Charlie love her.

Anonymous said...

And Layla too! Anna to young for an iPad? I think she needs one so we can skype! Roo

Trapper and Suzy said...

This is Suzy's little tidbit, since Trapper got to it first. : )

First of all, whoa. I can't imagine the pressure and stress you're feeling. We'll keep you and Josh in our prayers as well. All today we thought of Annabelle and prayed for her and sent all of our positive thoughts to Heaven for all of you.

Penny said...

Love you guys! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I was wondering where we sign up for the Aunt Mariah program. My girls would love an IPAD!!! Just sayin' We pray for annabelle night and morning! Stay strong, you can do it!!! Penny

Jenny said...

We have been following the progress of events since you "asked" for help over the bloggosphere. We all fasted for Annabelle and for you, her parents. We love you guys and are praying for you!