Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Imaging

First off, here are a couple pictures of Annabelle. Here she was a couple days ago.

Here she is after having her CL put in yesterday. She is smiling because that meant no more pokes!

Annabelle ended up having 2 scans done today. First was an echocardiogram. This is just an ultrasound of the heart. Some chemo can have negative effects on the heart so they need a baseline to compare with. As expected, her heart looked fine. Second was a CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Once again everything was clear. So far we haven't found any spreading of the cancer. I am feeling so thankful that we found it as quickly as we did. Of course I wonder how much better off she would have been if we found it weeks earlier, but I can't change that. I did take her to the Dr and they did do complete lab work-ups and they x-rayed her shoulder, which is where she said she was hurting. I do feel good though that I pushed to get the MRI done. Anyway, enough of that....

Tomorrow she has a bone scan and that will be the last of the inital imaging. Yay! When she has to get up and be taken down for tests is when she starts hurting. It will be nice to not have to do that for a bit. She really wanted to go for a walk outside and down to the Forever Young Zone playroom but she was hurting too much after the CT. I'm hoping the first day she doesn't HAVE to go anywhere she will feel up to getting out some. Once she starts chemo her white blood cell counts will go down, making it easier to get infections and catch bugs. When they are below a certain level she won't be allowed to leave the unit, so I hope she gets out some before that happens.

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Brandt Schneider said...

I've decided to spend the entire day sending good thoughts your way. Be strong!