Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tired Days

Annabelle was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday. She was so excited to be unhooked from everything! No more taking that blasted IV pole every time she had to go to the bathroom. No more being woken up every 2 hours by the nurses. She is free! She has been doing great since they took her off the pain meds. She hasn't needed anything at all. She hasn't been nauseous either, just tired. As her blood counts get lower she gets more and more tired. She has been taking a nice long nap every day and spends plenty of time just resting on the couch. But when she is feeling good she loves being outside playing. Grandma and Grandpa have fun outside toys and it's so good to see her playing with Layla again.

In an effort to avoid as much stress as possibly I decided to trim Annabelle's fingernails while she was asleep one night. Randomly that night she woke out of a dead sleep and cried "Oh no, I can't scratch my itch....there's something wrong with these!" Such a funny girl. I also have to give her a shot every day. I was afraid people might see her running from me around 3 pm every day but she has been great! She says it's just a little one and it doesn't even hurt. She sits so still and watches as I do it and then picks out a Hello Kitty bandaid to put on. It sure makes it a lot easier on my heart that she doesn't mind it.

Yesterday Annabelle went back to PCMC for a treatment. It was just a quick push of Vincristine so it was no big deal. She cracks me up when she calls the hospital "the kids place". It really is all about the kids there. Just the place we need to be to endure this trial. Josh's family has been SO good to us. They've let us move in and stir up their lives. They help out so much with Layla so I can take care of Annabelle. Speaking of Layla, she is such a little doll! We are so blessed to have her with her easy going personality. She sleeps good at night, cracks us up during the day, and takes nice long naps then lays in her bed quietly for who knows how long until we finally check to make sure she is alive! She has been great.

We are set up to go back to the hospital next weekend for 5 days of inpatient treatment. Until then we'll be enjoying time at our Utah home and doing our best to keep Annabelle comfortable.


Danica said...

I'm so glad to hear Annabelle is out of the hospital for a while and enjoying life at her grandparents. We were up in Elwood today to get asparagus and plant our pumpkin patch. I wish we could have seen you to say hi.

Elisabeth Yates said...

I have been waiting and checking for an update for days!Thanks for the info. Sounds like you are a good nurse Sally. That Annabelle is amazing if she will let you give her a shot! You are so blessed to have family to help. Kim and Bev are wonderful people and I am thankful you have each other to lean on. You guys are in our prayers day and night! We send our love...