Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As indicated in my last post, Annabelle is feeling MUCH better. And by the end of today I expect her to be EVEN better! Why? Because last night she tested positive for C-diff. I'll spare you the details but let me just say that 4 year old poop is nasty. 4 year old cancer patient poop is even more nasty. C-diff poop is really nasty. So 4 year old cancer patient C-diff poop is THE nastiest! Enough said.

The good part is now we know atleast one reason why she has been so sick and miserable. She has probably had it for several weeks since they wanted to test her last time we were in for chemo but then she never pooped again so they let us leave. Now she is on an antibiotic (Flagyl) to treat it and we get to drop the Vanco, which means she won't have to get Benadryl anymore. Which means no guaranteed nap for both of us every dose. Bummer. But overall this is, in the words of Martha Stewart, "A good thing".

She should be back on track in the bathroom department within a few days but I might make her wear a pull-up for the ride home, just in case!

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