Monday, August 1, 2011

My baby is two!

I can hardly believe my sweet little Layla Jane is 2! She is SO much fun and irresistibly cute. It's true. She loves dogs, food, her cowboots, her big sister and lazing around in bed. I'm not joking, she will randomly put herself in bed and just chill! Sounds like a dream, huh!?! She's really that great! We call her sweet cheeks, Layla Janer, LJ, baby doll and many other terms of endearment. When she sits on the swing with shorts and her cowboots on, it warms my heart. I am so in love with her!

Josh surprised the girls by arriving a few days before Layla's birthday. He insisted that he would not have missed her day! Since Annabelle had to go in for treatment on her actual birthday, we celebrated the day before. I took the easy way out this year and did a cupcake theme...cupcake wrapping paper, we went to a cupcake shop and picked out some for the party, and I made her a cupcake shirt and a skirt to match.

At Vintage Cupcake Co.

Oh, my mouth is watering!

The birthday girl and her proud big sister!

Goofy girls, but cute outfits!

They have cars like this at PCMC and every time Layla is there she wants to play in them the entire time. I decided to get her her very own (in pink, of course) and she LOVES it!

Josh did a great job picking out "cowboots" for her. She loves them as much as Annabelle loves hers. SO cute!

Cupcake anyone!?!

I am so lucky to have my sweet Layla babe!


Shannon said...

She is so cute! I just love those cute cheeks! And her shirt and skirt are so good! You rock! :)

Alaine said...

Love the boots! :o)