Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Radiation Pictures

Getting to leave the room to go to radiation. Such big excitement! (Do you love the skeleton pajamas? Annabelle calls them her bone jammies!)

A little fresh air outside waiting for our ride.
Up at Huntsman Cancer Institute, looking into the vault and the "fairy alley" they created for Annabelle.
Walking in with Heather.
Annabelle fairy. She loves to see it every day!
This was a special day. Heather was putting up Dr Poppe, our radiation oncologist, in fairy land!
Heather and Amy are so good to us. Annabelle loves to see what is new in the princess/fairy room every day.
Once you are inside the vault there is an ocean too.
The girls have a new fish each day for Annabelle to add.
Annabelle raising the bed up. They are always so good to distract her while the anesthesiologist gets his stuff together.
Luckily, the day we took our camera to radiation, we got to meet a special friend. I'll call her M. She is absolutely beautiful, isn't she!?!
M is also from Montana and she also has Ewing's. I couldn't believe it when my dad told me that he heard on the radio about a girl with Ewing's who lived only 70 miles from us. We got to connect with her in SLC on her very last day of radiation. Congrats M on fighting so hard! It made my heart so happy to see her, a survivor.


Danica said...

I just got my girls jammies just like those. They love them. Belle will be delighted to see Annabelle has some just like hers.

Kim said...

What brave girls! Hope that things are going better this week!