Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Back

I figured that posting here would be the easiest way to get the word out to friends and family about Christmas, so here it goes. We have been so blessed and the girls have gotten SO many cards, gifts and packages in the last 7 months. I say a very sincere THANK YOU to every single person who has sent things! It has been truly overwhelming to feel the support from our little community and those far away as well.

With that said, I am asking that people please don't send gifts to the girls for Christmas, but rather send items (toys, hats, scarves, games, etc...) that we can donate/give to other people more in need than us. (Or send money you would have spent and we will purchase those things.) Annabelle is very excited about delivering gifts to other kids and this will be a great chance for us to "pay it forward".

May your homes be filled with the Spirit of CHRISTmas and your families be blessed with good health!

The Yates Family


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you've been so blessed and I am happy to help you give back. That being said I am still getting them each a book because you can never have to many books. Love Auntie Ria

Anonymous said...

I just sent out word yesterday that as a family we decided to send money to you for Christmas rather than exchange gifts as we usually do on your mom's side of the family. Use it as you see fit! Love, Auntie Penn