Monday, May 7, 2012


It has been big excitement for us lately.  Serious big excitement.  Annabelle rang the bell last week as she finished her last inpatient round of chemo.  KSL was there to film it and then interview us for PCMC's telethon coming up on June 2nd.  Annabelle was super excited about "being on TV", as she called it.  She also gets to go to the KSL studio later this week and learn about doing the weather.  She has this obsession with the weather and likes to do her own forecasts so this is a dream come true for her!

Josh arrived on Saturday and the girls couldn't be happier!  Next time he leaves we will be going with him.  Such a good feeling!  Today was Annabelle's last outpatient chemo treatment.  I really thought I would cry or feel more emotional but instead I am too exhausted and have a horrible headache.  She also needed blood so we are sitting in clinic right now waiting for that to happen.  Things always take 3 times as long as they should in clinic so it's 4pm and they are just starting Annabelle's blood.  That means we will not be leaving here until at least 6:30 and getting back to Tremonton around 8pm.  I'm so glad it's our last time here.  Clinic is exhausting.

And now for your viewing!

Annabelle had colored a special picture to give to Layla before she rang the bell because she was worried Layla might feel left out.  She always thinks of Layla and wants to have things for her too.
 The infamous bell.  After a year of walking past it, our turn finally came to ring it!
 Cupcakes and cake to celebrate.  Poor Layla was still recovering from having croup, a sinus infection, and a reaction to an antibiotic!
 Happy last chemo banner.

Time for a dressing change...

 The last bag of Cytoxan!  Goodbye icky poison.

 Infusion complete...yes!
 That's my girl!  A fighter, a champion, my hero.
 One last wish in the wishing pond.
 I'm sure you know what we both wished for!
Please keep Annabelle in your prayers as she will have scans next week to see if the cancer is gone.  We are fully expecting it to be, and would be devastated if it is not, so please join us in praying for no evidence of disease.  Thank you!


Shannon said...

I LOVE this post!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Way to go Annabelle!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for all of you! Good job coping with all that was thrown your way this past year! Yea! Love, Auntie Penn

Anonymous said...

I will always remember the examples you set through out this hard hard year. Thank you for your faith. Love you and can't wait to have u back home in MT! Jamie