Saturday, July 14, 2012


We are in cancer fighting mode...again. No, Annabelle has not relapsed, but my dad was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). It is literally unbelievable to me that it could hit my family again so soon, but I'm grateful that I'm back home in MT to help.

I'm holding together quite fine. I feel like this is my zone, my normal. I'm worried about the rest of my family that didn't see Annabelle every day and see how great the good days can be. I worry about them imagining the worst and now fearing that for my dad. Unfortunately, only time will get them used to the crazy world of cancer fighting.

I wish I could do or say something to make them feel at ease with it like I am. I had cancer right in my face the last year and it provided me the opportunity to evaluate my life and get my priorities straight and come to a point of accepting whatever plan Heavenly Father had for Annabelle. I'm so grateful that His plan was to spare Annabelle for now, but I was also okay with the alternative. I now plead with my Heavenly Father to give that same comfort to my mom, and other family members, as we move forward together on this journey, because I know only He can give that comfort and true peace. I could never relay or give that to them, so I spend my time praying for that for them.

Fight, Dad, FIGHT!


Anonymous said...

It's such a shock to think this is happening. I talked to uncle A the other day. It was good to hear his voice. Who would have thought that going through cancer treatment would be repeated and within such a short time! Sally, you are such a strong mother and daughter! Lot's of love to everyone out there.
Cousin Jodi

Penny said...

You amaze me Sally!!! Ever since my dad had cancer, I have prayed that nobody else in my family gets it. Not for them, but for my dad. He knows what caqncer means and I dont know if he could watch one of us go through it. You know what cancer is and you are standing toe to toe with it again---with strength and grace. I am so grateful that you are there to help my Sandra through this. You are my hero!!!! PS: Yee-Haw for your oils that r helping your mom!!! :)

Suzanne Yates said...

It's really interesting to hear your insight on all of this, cause I know we were worried for you and how you would be taking it. However, I think I kind of understand now, and I admire your attitude and how you have come to align your will with Heavenly Father's. It's definitely the trials that often lead us closest to Him. And I can see the spiritual strength you've gained in the last year from it.

Tracy said...

Praying for Annabelle, you, and your family. You and Annabelle always stood out to me at PCMC with your strength and positive attitude. We miss you - but please only come back to visit (not to stay) :0) Tell Annabelle hi and take care. Remember that you can get through this - you are never given more than you can handle in life. You may not think you can handle it but he knows that you can.

Tracy (PCT PCMC) :)