Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Health Updates

I apologize it has taken me so long to get you an update, but life has been just too busy. So much going on in so many different directions but, alas, here it is. A brief update on Annabelle and my dad: my two cancer fighters.

On August 20th, Annabelle had her first set of follow-up scans since she finished treatment. After a long day in SLC, we were ecstatic to hear that she is still in complete remission. Way to fight, Annabelle! Everything is stable and unchanged at this point so we'll continue to enjoy all that we can until her next set of scans in November.

For those of you who have not yet heard through the grapevine (or have heard otherwise through the incredibly active and fully functioning Drummond grapevine!) my dad is home from the hospital. The results from his bone marrow biopsy on the 20th (Yes, the same day as Annabelle's scans. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions!) indicated that the leukemia had grown out of control and taken over his blood. He chose to go home on hospice on August 21st. We expected to come home and gather family around for his last few days, as that is what the doctors indicated we would have left with him, but it has been an interesting past week. There were a few days where he slept a lot and we thought he might go any time. However, the last several days have been nothing like that. He has been awake and busy. He has been working on his truck (with supervision, much to his dismay), working on projects in his shop, hauling things to the dump (he directs and we obey and, no, thankfully he isn't driving himself), and making sure we keep the lawn and gardens watered! We honestly don't know what to expect each morning when we wake up. He might be peacefully sleeping, or he may be looking for his shoes so he can get going with his day. One funny story to share...Dad and Aaron were off for a drive one morning and we knew the hospice nurse was supposed to be coming by soon. We jokingly wondered how we would explain to her that the hospice patient wasn't at home and that we really didn't know exactly where he was! Thank goodness dad arrived home before she got there. And luckily we have the sweetest, funniest hospice nurse.

Dad still continues to amaze me with his selfless service to others. I'm sure he couldn't think of lying down to die without making sure everyone else was taken care of first. What a wonderful legacy to leave to his family and all those who know him. Love you, dad.


the glausers said...

Oh Sally I'm so happy that Annabelle is doing so well but I am so sorry about your dad! I pray that things work out the best they can for your family. Love you guys!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Wonderful post, Sally. We continue to pray for you guys. Your dad sounds like such a wonderful man, even though I think I've only met him once. I love how he is keeping himself busy. : ) We love you.

Rachel said...

Cannot believe how much is going on in your life. Praying for the spirit to fill your hearts. Thanks you for sharing this post, it made me really think about my life.