Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Year

It’s been a long time since I’ve update this blog.  Quite honestly, life has been busy.  But I couldn’t let today go by without posting a tribute to my dad.  Today marked one year since his passing.  September 11, a day I could never forget.  Watching my dad take his last breath is a sight that will linger in my mind forever.  As hard as the first year has been, and all the sorrow his passing brought, I am extremely grateful that he hasn’t been suffering this whole year.  What a blessing it was that his battle with leukemia was short.  In only 10 weeks his body went through so much.  When Annabelle was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, I honestly prayed that if she wasn’t going to make, that if cancer was going to kill her, that Heavenly Father would take her soon and not make her have to suffer.  So I truly can appreciate that my dad didn’t have to suffer any longer than he did.

I allowed myself to grieve today and have a cry day, and now I want to focus on what a great life he lived.  So today I’d like to share something about him.  While going through some of dad’s things, my mom and I came across a letter.  When I was in Jr High my dad went back to school and attended the college of technology in Missoula.  Sometime during that, he apparently helped a lady out and she sent a thank you letter to him, addressed to the college of technology.  Coincidentally, the letter is postmarked September 11 of 1998.  My mom knew nothing about this letter, so you can imagine our feelings as we came across this and read the following:

“Dear A.J.,
                You can’t imagine how much your help meant to me last Friday evening.  Your actions and attitude poured a stream of warmth and light over my heart.
                I have repeatedly been hurt by people who call themselves Christians, (Don’t they know what that means?), until I was bitter, sarcastic and cynical of everyone who claimed that name.  Therefore your kindness redeemed the name of Christ, rekindled hope in my life (and gladness), and softened the scars on my heart.
                I hope you are blessed and rewarded in a great way and that God prospers you because you brought credit and glory to His name.  Peace be to you and your family.  Should I move to Drummond I would be honored and glad to know you.  Thank you again for your kindness.”

This letter sums up the way my dad lived his life and I am eternally grateful for his example of love and service to all people, no matter what walk of life they came from.  Thank you , dad.  I love you…forever.


Grandma Kroll said...

Thank you my dear brave Sally.

Shannon said...

This is so sweet and absolutely represents the life of your dad. He was always so willing and sweet to help anyone. Everyone considered him their dear friend. I always loved coming over to your house because your parents were so welcoming (and you were pretty darn fun, too) :) Love you!

Rachel said...

Everything you write makes me want to live a better life, Sally.

Sending love on this hard day, Rachel

Tidbittles said...

What a sweet memory or your dad. That sounds just like him:)

Emily Walsh said...

Hi there Sally! I was actually just checking out a few of your posts and had a quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance -emilywalsh688 (at) Thanks : )