Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

We had a great Easter weekend out in Drummond. I love going home to the small town feel! And as predicted, I whooped up on my family at the gym! The entire family went up and played some b-ball. I came from behind to win the game of h-o-r-s-e and I crushed them in 3-point around the world. I think my mom may still be recovering from our little game of one-on-one! Besides the gym, there was lots of other fun to be had. Here are some pictures:

Annabelle picking up eggs at the local Easter Egg Hunt.
Annabelle and mom enjoying some candy on Easter morning.

Annabelle's face when she saw all the eggs hidden for her at grandma and grandpa's house!

Getting some help from mom and dad to open a candy wrapper.

Looking oh-so-stylish in her new hat at the egg hunt!


Montana Brandts said...

Oh, way cute! I'm glad you had a good Easter! I'm sorry there wasn't a bunny at the hunt, that is a bummer! Did Annabelle get spoiled from the Easter Bunny? Kailey sure did! I wish the Easter bunny loved me as much as her still sometimes! We had a very interesting weeked to say the least! I'll either send you an e-mail later today explaining or call you tomarrow and tell you all about it! Well see how the day goes! Oh, and way cute new backGround! Where'd you get it? Well, hope you have a great day, life is so crazy right now isn't it? Oh, yeah and I just found some way cute Shorts at Costco...they are Ralf Lauren should go chek 'em out they are only $19.99! Welp talk to you later! Love ya!

Montana Brandts said...

I was just looking at the last picture again, and Annabelle looks so grown up and big, its crazy! She is so cute!

Montana Brandts said...

Hey, where is the slide show? Why are changing everything on me? I am getting really flustered! I don't do well with change! Jk! I miss the slide shows'll have to make a new one!

Montana Brandts said...

Okay, so I made the biggest mistake last night, and showed Zack our blog and the music choices I had recently choosen! Oh, boy what a big ooppps I made! He then spent the next hour and a half finding songs for me to add to the blog! Yeah, I know pathetic huh? So, you'll have to wonder into my blog today and check out our new songs! We now have so many I don't think anyone will ever be able to sit through all of them, but oh well I guess eh? Oh, and a mircle happened for me today! I was up by 8:00! Can you believe that? Me Niether, now the biggest miracle of all will be if I can get myself ready before 9:30...but we'll see how it goes! I don't want to set my goals too high! Welp have an excellent day! Love ya!

Montana Brandts said...

I was extemely worried! I was so bored yesterday, I probably checked my e-mail about 20 times! We went to M&M and nobody showed up, but us! So, we ended up coming home a lot earlier than planed. And, then the weather wasn't to good yesterday so we souldn't really stay outside very long to play! Not only that, but the mesquetos are already out, so I don't like to be outside too long because I don't want to get an attack! I have a feeling they are going to be really bad this year, if they are already out in March! Anyway, sounds like you have another busy day ahead of you! Crazy lives! Welp, just wanted to let you know that I was worried about you, and missed you! Have a great busy day!
Love ya!