Friday, March 21, 2008

My Crazy Life

I bet you wish I had another great story about Annabelle to post but we have been too busy for her to get into trouble! This has been my life with realtor, meet with lender, offer on building lot, counter offer, stop by realtors again, go to Costco, pick-up building lot information, modify plans, work on the mile high pile of paperwork, drop off info for bids, pick up bids, pick out light fixtures, look at cabinets, get contractor's insurance quotes, pay bills, etc. Somewhere in there I squeeze in taking care of Annabelle, cooking dinner, making Josh's lunches and all other household business. (Why isn't laundry on the list? You'd understand if you saw our hampers!) So this is what my desk looks like at this point. Don't be concerned, it is a highly organized mess. I know right where everything is! I am looking forward to a weekend at my parents to get away from the chaos! Maybe I'll even relieve some stress by whooping up on my brothers during a little basketball at the gym!

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