Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sticky Mess

Now my plan today was to workout, shower, get ready, go to the store (because Josh asked me to go home teaching with him tonight and I can't dare show up without an Easter gift!), lunch, nap time, etc..... Things were going great until the "get ready" part. Annabelle apparently got a little bored and decided to find herself a Pepsi. I was just getting ready to dry my hair when the explosion happened. Annabelle, attempting to climb up on the toilet, dropped her Pepsi!

Yes that is Annabelle's high chair in the bathroom. We have to shut it in there or else she just climbs on it all day.

It was dripping off of everything.

Is that the ceiling you ask???? Why yes it is. It went EVERYWHERE!!

So who do you think threw the biggest fit? I bet you think I freaked out....NOPE! Annabelle bawled until she couldn't breathe. It must have scared her pretty bad when she got the blast of Pepsi to the face! So you may be thinking that I spent the last hour cleaning the bathroom, but that is incorrect. I threw some towels in to dry it up and I am off to the store. I guess I'll spend Annabelle's nap time cleaning it up instead of making her bows for her hair! Her loss!!!

The worst part is.......I'm out a Pepsi!

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Montana Brandts said...

Wow! What a fun day you must be having over there at your house! I wish we were having as much fun as you guys! We went to Mommy and Me this morning and Kailey was so hungry we didn't last long there! But other than that we have had a pretty low key day! Today is our Annaversary Whoohoo 3 years down, eternity to go! Anway, so I will be making some kind of fancy dinner tonight to celebrate! Other than that we arn't doing much of anything! I am way excited about my "surprise" to come in the mail! I know Kailey will love the bows you made for her! Thank you so much, you are awesome! I knew there was a reason I loved you! Oh, and I don't see a "spring" sign on your blog yet, so where is it? I might call you in a liitle bit because I have some things I have to tell you, and this trying to use e-mail and comments instead of minutes is killing I don't care I'm calling you! Talk to you soon! Love ya!