Friday, March 28, 2008

Pregnancy Tag

This is my first tag ever! Thanks Suzy!

How did you know you were pregnant? I was pretty sure when aunt flow wasn't showing up so I took a test and then knew for sure!

How old were you? 20

Was it planned? yep

What foods did you crave? Nothing really but for the longest time after I couldn't eat taco soup because for some reason I just had bad thoughts about it during pregnancy!

Any morning sickness? Not a single day!

Who was your doctor? Dr. B of course

Did you find out the sex? yes

Due date? first they said 10/1 then they changed it to 10/6


Were you induced? no, I finally went into labor the day before I was scheduled to be induced

Where did you start labor? in bed at home at 4:30 am

How long were you in labor? 19 hours

How long did you push? 1.5 hours

Did you have an epidural? thankfully, yes!

Vaginal or C-Section? Vaginal

Was there complications with the labor and delivery? Nothing major. Cord wrapped around baby's neck but it wasn't tight

Did you cry when they were born? no, I was too tired to cry!

Who was in the delivery room? Just Joshua! I refused to let anyone else near!

Have an episiotomy? nope

Vacuum or forceps used? neither, thank goodness


Name: Annabelle Rae

Boy or Girl: Girl

Weight: 6 lbs. 2 oz.

Length: 18 inches

Date of birth: 10/10/06

Time of birth: 11:52 pm

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Blue, of course, when she was born, but more green now


How old are they now?: 17 months

What kind of diapers?: whatever is on sale

What kind of formula?: Enfamil Lipil

What theme did you do their nursery in?: Pink and green patterns

Are they a smiler or a cryer?: Smiler

What makes them fall asleep?: Cuddling with mom!

Are they the first?: yes


Name: Sally

Age now: 22

Did you ever consider abortion or adoption?: no way

Were you married or dating the father?: married

How long have you been together?: 3.5 years married, 4.5 years together

Are you now?: Of course, Josh is the best guy ever!

How much weight have you lost?: well I gained like 20-22 pounds with the pregnancy and since delivery I have lost 28 pounds! Woo Hoo!


How did the grandparents take it?: Thrilled and surprised!

Did your friends stick by you?: The truth is I didn't have many friends but Jessica was along for the ride the whole time!

Did anyone throw a baby shower?: My co-workers from the cancer center threw me one and of course the folks from Drummond had one too!

Has anyone helped since the birth?: My mom and Bev saved me from my crazy emotionalness!

Are you happy you're a mommy?: Yes, Annabelle is the sweetest little thing

I tag...........JESSICA!

This is seriously the only time I "posed" for pictures during my pregnancy. This was 2 weeks before I deliverd. I look thrilled, don't I!?! I have never shared this before, but here it is. Look I rotated the pic on my own!


Montana Brandts said...

Oh thanks a lot Sally! Whoopee, I can't wait to fill this out! Anything that can add to the baby fever I already have will be very helpful, Thanks! Unfortunatly I won't be able to fill it out until I get back next week, sorry! But, I promise I will do it! Just for you! You look so tiny in that picture! I forgot how cute you were as a pregnant lady! I will call you next week and walk through the steps you need to rotate your pic. so we can see your tiny little belly better! I wish I was that samll when I was pregnant! If only Kailey hadn't peed so much...and I retained so much water! What a little pisser! Welp have a great weekend! It was fun to talk to you today, I'm glad to know your still alive! Thanks for putting my mind at ease! I love reading about your pregnancy again...oh man you are not helping my cure my baby fever! I love ya!

Montana Brandts said...

I meant if I hadn't retained so much water! And, Small, not samll! Oh, and I meant you are NOT helping to cure my baby fever! I promise I am not retarded! I am just tired...been a long day!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Aww! What a cutie! You looked stoked in that picture. haha I have a few things to say about your survey, but I can't right now. People are over and I have to socialize. : ) So I'll tell you later! I just wanted to read what you wrote real fast.

Trapper and Suzy said...

Okay, I'm finally back. Good thing you reminded me about those comments. I forget EVERYTHING these days. Like today, I almost walked out of the grocery store having stolen paper towels that were at the bottom of the cart. *sigh* Two weeks ago, I accidentally stole two bags of candy 'cause they were conveniently hiding behind the carseat in the car. Sheesh. Don't worry, I took them back. haha
OKay! What I wanted to say was your pregnant picture is AMAZING. Maybe it's just my opinion, but I feel like I was so much bigger! I asked Trapper but he didn't think so, so maybe it's just me. Also, I didn't cry either. The exhaustion was just too much. I thought I would, but I was having a hard time just catching my breath. It was an incredible moment, nonetheless. Last thing, GOOD JOB getting the weight off and even more! I'm inspired. I heard you're kickboxing! That sounds so fun. Was it hard to do at first? One last question and that'll be it: Did you get stretch marks? from the pregnancy...not the kickboxing. haha