Friday, March 28, 2008

Book Tag

Here are the book tag rules.
Rules:Grab the book nearest to you
Go to page 123
Go to the 5th sentence on the page
Type the following 3 sentences
Tag 3 friends

"That is to say, if the baseline of a triangle is three units, the triangle's height four units and its hypotenuse five units, the triangle is a right triangle. By projecting on the setting bed an accurate 3-4-5 triangle (or a larger triangle with unit measurements in the same proportional relationship -6-8-10, 12-16-20, and so on), the square reference lines needed for layout can be established, whatever the size or shape of the floor being tiled, and the walls can be checked for square. To save time scribing a a 3-4-5 triangle, I make the first line to suit my grout-joint list. This first line thus becomes both a reference and a layout line."

From: Setting Tile by Michael Byrne

I tag, Moria, Jessica, and Amanda

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