Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bath Time With Eggs

Annabelle was so funny this morning. She loves to throw her "bath-ket balls" and rubber duckies into the tub, but today she decided to add a little something extra. She ran into her room and found some of her camo easter eggs and threw them in too! What a goof.

She thinks she is just too funny when her hair is all lathered up. She likes to look at her reflection in the faucet.
Her hair is getting so long. Such a cutie!

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Montana Brandts said...

What a cutie! Look at how long her hair is! I am officially jealous! I wish Kailey had long hair! We have to get them together for a bathtime! They would have so much fun! Maybe this summer when we go camping we could put them in a bucket together! That would be so much fun! She is so cute, we miss you guys so much! We need to get together soon, or at least start planing our camp out! Okay, so I need to figure out how to do your tag thing! I am still sick today..whoopee! I pretty much have no voice! I do, but it sounds really sickly! So, I am sitting here stuck on my couch bored, while Kailey sleeps and I want to do your tag thing, but I am not sure how! So, I am going to try, but you might be getting a call from me in a little bit! Love ya!