Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Shoes

I was so thrilled when the news this morning said we were going to get to a high of 53 degrees! A scorcher, right!?! I promptly got out springy shoes for me and Annabelle to wear. We headed to the store at 10 am and nearly froze! It was only 31 degrees out and there was still snow on the ground. This spring fever has apparently forced me into crazy, extreme actions. Pathetic, I know.
Someday I will be able to dress Annabelle in her cute summer clothes. I got her some really cute things during off season clearance sales and I just am dying to put them on her. The only problem is, I'm not sure she will grow into them before the snow flies again next fall! I bought all 18 month size clothes and I have been stuffing the poor kid with food ever since trying to get her to grow enough so they atleast down fall right down or hang off her shoulders!
And a random side note.....Annabelle said a new word today. She likes me to pull up the blog so she can dance to the music. She was pointing at the computer and grunting so I asked her if she wanted to listen to music and she yelled out "Muuusic". It was so cute. She is learning so many new things each day. There's never a dull moment at our house when she is awake!


Montana Brandts said...

Way cute shoes! Kailey and I have capris and sandels on today too! It is only a high of 50 today...but you better believe that the warm weather clothes are out today! You girls are so cute!

Montana Brandts said...

You keep changing your blog on me...and I am getting jealous! I hate this one, it is so ugly! Yeah, I know I am totally just kidding, but you just keep making yours cute! I know, I know I can change mine too, but you know how I am with change! JK, you know I love ya! Anywho, guess who decided he wanted to go camping for his birthday! Yep, Zack! So, guess who is going to be trying to pack tonight and tomorrow trying to get ready for a last minute camping trip?! Yep, that'll be me! Whoppee! So, we are leaving tomorrow, but don't worry we'll be back Saturday afternoon! I am not camping longer than that this time of year! I don't like to be cold...or wake up to a camp full of SNOW!! ;)! Anyway, I'll talk to you soon though! Love ya, and love the new look to the blog! Very cute, I approve!

Montana Brandts said...

Hey there~
I feel like it has been forever since I talked to you, and I miss you! Yes, thank goodness it didn't SNOW! I would have cried and then probably packed up everything and bolted out of there! But, it was actually a ton of fun, and as you saw Kailey absoulutly loved it! I had a little bit of a hard time letting her be dirty, but I eventually learned that if I cleaned her up she just went and got dirtier, so I just let her do whatever after a while! And, YES we most definetley have to do a camping trip this summer! Zack got new dutch-oven cook books for his birthday, and I tried out a new recipe this weekend and it was sooo good! So, now we can make good food! I am so excited! And, I have a feeling that all "the girls" would have a ton of fun together! So, we need to start thinking about it and come up with a plan, and a place! I haope you are having an excellent day today! And, I will for sure call you sometime this week and tell you all about my crazy madness weekend! Love ya!

Trapper and Suzy said...

This is a cute picture. Just being girls. hehe
By the way I like your playlist. I'm dancing to it right now. Oh yeah.