Monday, April 7, 2008

No More Curl

Annabelle's cute curls are nearly gone! This craziness is about all that is left at the ends. Bev said the Yates curly hair tends to do this and then come back when they are in high school.....let's hope so.
And does anyone else have a beaver for a child? Annabelle likes to leave "chew marks" on her crib. I'm not sure when she is doing it, because most of the time when I hear that she is awake in the morning or after her nap, she is still laying down, just talking to herself. Maybe she has dreams about being a beaver!


Montana Brandts said...

Oh, that's too funny! How does she do that? It seems like it would hurt! I don't have a beaver for a child, sorry! But, she has been trying to revert back to her binky in anyway she can! She has 2 baby dolls that have binky's that came with them, and I find her walking around with them in her mouth as often as she can sneak them! I can't wait 'till they can talk and tell us what is going through their minds! And, I am so sorry that Annabelle is losing her curl that is so sad! But, that my friend is just another sign telling you that it is time for her to have a brother or a sister! So, tell Josh I say to go get crackin'! I will except my other niece or nephew to come along in the next 10 months! Give and take a couple! JK! Welp, I love ya! And, I hope you had an excellent day today!

Montana Brandts said...

Oh boy...guess who woke up with a sore throat this morning?! Oh yeah that'd be me! Great, just when I think I'm getting better, I get sick again! Oh, well I guess! How are you doing? I miss talking to you! You need to quit working so much and being so busy so we can talk all day! JK! I know you're busy with stuff! I just hope your not working yourself too hard! I'm loving what your doing with your blog! It is looking way good and very cute! I am going to try and attempt to make a different heading...but we'll see! I don't know if I will have the talent or paitence to do it! But, if I figure it out I will call you and tell you how, if you want! Oh yeah, and I have attempted your typing test about 100 times, and you are way good! How did you do it? I am way bad compared to you! It's kinda shamful! You are way good though! Welp, I hope you have a great day! I'm going to try to run some errands this morning! We'll see how it goes, I'm already ready for the day but I don't feel well, so we'll see! Anyway, I love ya! Talk to you soon!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Aww! Let's hope the curls come back. I love curls. That was the first thing I noticed about Trapper that I liked. I want at least a couple of our kids to have them.
That's hilarious about the crib! I don't know about beaver, but Jackson can't stop chewing on his hands. After chewing on one hand for like 5 minutes, three of his fingers were beet red! I was afraid they were going to bleed!

california smiths said...

My Courtney was a beaver. She would actually do it right in front of us though. It drove us crazy, I can't imagine how much of the wood/paint she ate~