Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Grandma Bev!

A special message to Grandma Yates from Annabelle:


Montana Brandts said...

Hoe cute is that card?! You are so creative! I love the picture of Annabelle! What a CUTIE!!! I posted the pictures of my new bedroom! It's not done yet, but I am so excited! Hope you are having a great day! We miss you!

Grandma Yates said...

Annabelle - your card is so wonderful. I look forward to having you here soon. Thanks for the card - Love Grandma Yates

Montana Brandts said...

I NEED to take some pictures of Annabelle and you guys, so I can put you on my photography blog!!!! So, when you are down here I am going to do a photo shoot for you, if that's okay?! I can even do those one pictures you wanted, if you want to!! Anyway, I was just putting some more posts on my photography blog and was thinking that I needed some of you guys!!! Hope your having a great day! Love ya!!!