Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Poor Annabelle

Poor little Annabelle has been a little sick. She has just been super whiny and has had a high fever. So on Sunday she stayed home from church with her dad. She was so warm that I didn't want to put any clothes on her but she picked out her own outfit.

She sure was looking cute marching around the house in this:
A 6-9 month shirt from last summer that I didn't know even still fit her, A pink diaper cover that came with an 18 month skirt that is still way too big for her, And a pair of pink slippers with snowflakes on them!

Luckily the Baby Signing Time DVD was available at the library on Saturday so she enjoyed a lot of laying around and watching her favorite show! Seriously, this kid is so cute. I just love her so much!!!


The Reese's said...

poor girl, hope she gets feeling better. and you can email my mom at teriann.hanks@gmail.com

Montana Brandts said...

Oh, poor Annabelle! I'm sorry she has been sick, that is no fun! But, at least she looks cute while being sick! Not many people can pull off the being sick, and looking good look! I love the outfit myself! I think it is adorable! I wish one came in my size! Seriously, wouldn't be nice if we could pull of looks like that? We hope she gets feeling better soon! And, would you CALL me already?! I am dying! If you don't call in the next 5 min. I my break down and do it because I am IMPATIENT!!!! Love ya!

Stephanie said...

What a cutie. Sometimes I love when my kids aren't feeling well. It's the only time I can cuddle them.