Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Tag (This one's from Suzy!)

Ten Years Ago......
1) I'm having a little trouble with the math here but I think I would have just finished 7th grade. I know at that stage I had some crazy ugly hair and an awful sense of style. (But wait, maybe I still have those things)
2) I'm thinking I spent the summer stocking shelves and cleaning out the carwash at a local gas station.
3) I bet I attended the summer basketball camp, that I always loved so much. We would always get a t-shirt and we could win pops and popsicles.
4) My dad was going back to college so he drove to Missoula everyday. My mom worked in Missoula so they traveled together and my grandma June got us off to school and cooked us dinner.
5) I was preparing for the tri-county fair. I'm sure I was doing sewing projects, woodworking and I think that was one of the years I took a rabbit and horseless horsemanship. (HH was for those of us who didn't actually have a horse but there was this wonderful lady named Sue Peterson who let me come ride her horses and show them. I loved it!)

5 Things On My To Do List.......
1) Figure out who stole my newspaper on Wednesday of all days, the day I get the new sale ads, my whole purpose for getting the newspaper!
2) Plan my shopping list.
3) Go shopping.
4) Call our wonderful insurance guy.
5) Do some crazy mad kickboxing.

5 Snacks I Enjoy......
1) Pretzels
2) Popcorn
3) Chips
4) Fruit smoothies
5) Italian sodas, especial huckleberry

5 Foods I Love......
1) Cheeseburgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Breadsticks
3) BBQ wings
4) Nachos
5) Pizza

What I Would Do If I Became A Billionaire......
1) Build myself the house of my dreams.
2) Build my parents a new house and lots of shops for my dad!
3) Retire my mom.
4) Donate a LOT to charities.
5) Go on a trip to Africa to help in the orphanages.

Favorite Family Recipe......
My mom's cheddar chowder soup. I love it! I always make it for friends right after they've had a baby and they always love it. It's just one of those feel good, home cooked comforting foods.

5 Places I have Lived.......
1) Drummond, MT
2) Rexburg, ID
3) Butte, MT (I wouldn't have listed this awful one but I have only lived in 5 places total!)
4) Missoula, MT
5) Bozeman, MT

Favorite Quote Of The Day.......
"Everything is going to be alright" - From crazy guy on American Inventor
-ok that wasn't really it, that was just for you Jessica
"Just make it 'til Monday"
-ok that wasnt it either, just another one for Jessica
here is the real deal
"One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people" -Dick Gregory


Montana Brandts said...

That is AWESOME! You seriously just made my whole day! I am going crazy today because today is the day of "TRUTH" and I am freaked out of my mind! And, of course I am obsessing over it, because that's what I do best...obsess over things!! So, until Friday or Saturday or tonight or tomorrow, it is going to be a very long next few days!!! And, thanks for the post about my blogs!! You always make me feel so special! I don't deserve a friend like you! You are always amazing!!! I love ya!

The Reese's said...

it's funny, because of things like this i feel like i know you even though i've never met you!

Shannon said...

I loved reading your "10 years ago" part. Your hair was not ugly! (or was that the "bowl cut" era...hee hee). I miss getting a new basketball camp t-shirt every summer. That was one of the highlights every year! I remember the rabbit you took. That thing was ginormous! :) Wasn't his name Goliath? I forgot that you did the horse thing. I actually saw Sue Peterson the last time I was home. I hadn't seen her in years!

Montana Brandts said...

Okay, hair is so not cuter than yours! Your hair is so cute! In fact it was so cute I copied the hair cut a little! So, you see, no I am not cuter than you, we are equally as cute as eachother! And, I will send you a pic of Kailey's foot! It isn't as bad as it was now, but its still gross! The poor girl was so tired this morning from her meds that she just layed on our bed and watched cartoons, and fell asleep around 10:30! But, I woke her up to go to Mommy and me, and she didn't fall asleep until 1:20 again, but it is now 4:15 and she is still not up! The poos thing, I fell so bad for her! And, I will send you a pic! I'll try my hardest to do it tonight, and if not I promise I will before we leave tomorrow!! You are awesome!!

Montana Brandts said...

I ment poor thing not poos!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Alli Mackay said...

SALLY ANN! I haven't talked to you in forever! Your little girl isn't so little. The last time I saw her was when she was about 2 months old. Crazy how time flies!

Jenny and Scott said...

Sally, I am so glad you got tagged from Suzy. I had fun reading your post. I wish I could actually meet you someday...and Annabelle. Say hi to Josh for me.