Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ward Camp Out

Last night was our ward camp out. It was a little wet and cold, but we had a good time. We were at a campground right on the creek so we got to do a little fishing too! I really did intend to take more pictures but my time was consumed with things like: keeping Annabelle out of the fire, beating the fire off of Annabelle's coat, changing Annabelle's clothes because they were soaked in juice, changing Annabelle's shoes because she soaked them playing in mud puddles, putting more layers of clothes on Annabelle, and other various motherly tasks. So here is the only photo we have. Keep in mind we were camping, not trying to look our best!


Anonymous said...

You guyes even make cold and wet look good. Annabelle is wearing the best in camping looks. I hope Josh is still smiling at the end of summer.

Stephanie said...

Being a mom and camping is not quite as fun as not being a mom and camping. But it's worth it to just get your kid outdoors and teaching them to love it. Good for you! I think I'll just stay in my cozy warm apartment though.

Trapper and Suzy said...

lol I love that...thing that Annabelle is wearing on her head. Kids are such goofballs. How'd she get fire on her coat!? lol That makes me laugh. Well, not that she could've gotten hurt, but that she's just such a handful as all kids are. Isn't being a mom....I was gonna say fun, but now I'm thinking, exhausting?
OH and yeah I'm really excited about the move, but I'm pooped from all the packing and errands and keeping Mr. Crankypants happy. Like I said, the fun is just exhausting. : )

Montana Brandts said...

You guys are the cutest family ever! I love Miss Annabelle's hat! That is awesome! And, is that her very own fishing pole that she is holding? I have tried convincing Zack that Kailey needs one of those, but he keeps saying she is too little! Now I have some leverage on him!!! HA! You guys are awesome, and we miss you so much!