Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My life has been so crazy lately. I go from super busy, to absolutely nothing to do. We were supposed to be crazy busy building a house right now.......but thanks to a lending agent who didn't do her job and didn't fill us in, our dreams were crushed. So since we aren't really sure how much longer we will be here at this apartment, I decided to spruce the place up a bit. I feel like I am nesting and running around trying to get everything together. In the process I have decided that I have the CUTEST decorations. Some of them I have made myself, and some were gifts, but they are all super cute. So I decided to take some pictures to share of some of my cute stuff.
This one might just be my all-time favorite. It will always be up in my home. I could never go without it, I just love it too much!
I haven't decided where to put this up yet. And don't worry it does have a third peg, it must have fallen out in the box it was stored in.
The cutest thing ever. Annabelle's great grandma Yates made this for her. She is so talented and makes amazing quilted items! This "baby moose" was just perfect for our little outdoors girl!

I really do love this antler lamp. Can you believe Josh made this? He is amazing. And yes that is a rabbit fur it is sitting on. I have to allow Josh to display some of "his" items too. And it does make for quite interesting conversation when some people see it.
Another great wall hanging made by Josh's grandma Yates.

Someday when I have a house to decorate it will be awesome.


Montana Brandts said...

Yes! It will bw the cutest house on the block! However if we end up living on the same block, you might have some compitition! Just kidding! Your house will be way cuter than mine, we all know that! You always have the cutest things and the cutest ideas! When we do live on the same block you are going to have to help me! I need some of your creativity!!!! You are awesome!

The Reese's said...

you guys do have fun decorations! and i compeletly understand about the bank. we went through that when we tried to get our first house. all the papers done and almost ready to move in and because of the bankers mistake it all fell through in the end. but we realize now that it all worked out for the best and it will for you guys too.

Anonymous said...

You do have the cutest apartment! And my friends are all jealous of my perfect note cards made by you. Love, Aunt Penney

Trapper and Suzy said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! So beautifully decorated. How do you do it? I wish I was as creative as you! I really like the "Prayer changing things" sign.

Montana Brandts said...

Wooooo, look at the new look! I love it! It looks great! I love the colors! Where did you get them? Is it one of the packages you ordered from your friend? I need to look at those again! Your blog always looks so cute! I love it!

Megan Yates said...

Those things are so cute! I agree with Suzy, I Love your blog! I wish I could get mine to work out so cute...I'm still having some difficulties!

Stephanie said...

Sorry about the house, that's a bummer. But it's always fun to freshen things up a bit. I love to go into non-pregnancy induced nesting. I always get so much done.