Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Weekend With The Grandparents.....

We just got back from another fun trip. Last Thursday we left and went to my parent's in Drummond. Thursday was my youngest brother's birthday so we made it in time for his birthday dinner and cake. On Friday everyone had to work so Josh, Annabelle and I just hung out and enjoyed the big yard to play in. We also got to relax and do some things we both enjoy: Josh and Annabelle watched Sponge Bob while I mowed 2 lawns! Then that night the boys went camping. It was the father/son campout but my dad decided he didn't want to go where the big group was going so they went on their own! They had a great time and caught lots of fish. Josh was also pretty excited that they saw 3 mountain lions up there and he found an elk skull with the antlers still attached. Aaaahhhhhhhhh....the simple pleasures in life.
Well, while the boys were gone my mom and I took Annabelle to the school to play on the playground equipment and then stayed up late and did some beading! I was able to get a few necklaces done that turned out super cute. Saturday was another full day of swimming at the pond and playing in the yard. And Sunday we packed up and came home. I didn't get a lot of pictures of this trip but here are a few:
Annabelle pretending to drive the boat in the back yard.
More fun in the boat.
Playing at the playground.
She just kept digging in the gravel and piling it up!

This kid loves slides! She could play on one all day long.

After another weekend being spoiled by her grandparents, I think Annabelle might be super fun today when she wakes up!


Montana Brandts said...

Wow, you guys have a boat! I am so jealous! I wish we had one! JK! I am so glad you guys are getting some good use out of it! HAHAHAHA! Oh, man it makes me laugh! I am so glad you had such a fun trip! I can't wait for our trip to come see you! We are counting down the days! Annabelle is the cutest girl ever! I am jealous of her olive skin and gorgous tan as well! Life is sad when you are jealous of a 21 month old, huh? Anyway, I am glad to see you had so much fun! WE miss you guys, Kailey wishes she could be on that slide right next to Annabelle! We love you!

Montana Brandts said...

I am so glad your dad was able to find a new prop for the boat! That is awesome! And, I am glad you guys are going to take it out soon! Remember to take some pictures, so we can say "we took it out!" LOL! I posted the Zoo pictures, you'll have to check them out! Some of them turned out really good! I was excited! I hope you have a good day! We love you guys!

Shannon said...

I'm so jealous that you went home! I know I was just there, but I always get a little jealous when people go. :)