Friday, June 20, 2008

Girls Trip

This past week has been super busy. Last Saturday and Sunday my friend from high school, Shannon, came and stayed with us. We had so much fun catching up on things and hanging out. Then Monday morning Annabelle and I left for a little trip. We went down to Utah to visit the family because Suzy was there with Jackson and we having been dying to meet the little guy. Annabelle sure loved her cousin. She gave him lots of kisses and brought him toys when he was sad. All the girls had fun staying up late visiting. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.
Here is the handsome little man, Jackson, and his mama, Suzy.
Such cute cousins!
Annabelle sure enjoyed the Pez grandma had waiting for her.
Do you think the kid is spoiled? She always gets to play on the counter at Grandma Yates house!
Cute Mr. Jackson and the proud grandma.
The man getting some kisses from Aunt Hayley.
We got a little crazy with some whipped cream after dinner. Annabelle's face and hands were so sticky!
Aunt Hayley made this little playhouse for Annabelle while we were there. It was complete with windows and a decoration on the inside of the door! Annabelle had a great time running in and out of it and peeking out the windows. The last night we were there she got a little crazy playing with grandpa in it. She was running all around throwing herself on the floor and being super dramatic. We all laughed histerically at her and she loved the audience!

We were sad to have to come home to real life but the transition was a little easier because these cute shoes were waiting for us! I had ordered these for Annabelle from The Children's Place and I couldn't wait for them to arrive. These have to be my best deal of the month so far......$4.99!!!!! I love them!

We also got to go visit Jessica and Kailey while we were down in Utah but neither of us got our cameras out the entire time. Crazy, I know. The girls had fun playing outside while we worked on our tans and did some crafts. Thanks for the fun, Jessica!


Montana Brandts said...

What were we thinking?! I can't believe we didn't get our cameras out, espicially when we were outside with the girls in the pool! I guess that means we have to do a camping trip so we can take lots of pictures of our craziness!!! Speaking of craziness, I am enjoying a delicious piece of cake this morning for breakfast! Another recipe I have to send you, I know you will love this one! It is majorly delicious!!! Have you fixed our vinyl problem yet? I expect you to be on this, and getting your self some free stuff!!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all of my incredible birthday girfts! You are truly amazing! I love ya! And we miss you both like crazy already!!

Montana Brandts said...

I found mine at Smith's! And, if you can't find it there I am sure Walmart, Albertson's any of those stores would have it! Yes, you have to make this cake today is the best ever! And, I am glad you are on that vinyl lady, she shouldn't mess with us...I don't think she knew who she was messing with or our vinyl would have been here on Wednesday!!!

The Reese's said...

sounds like you guys are having fun and keep busy this summer. i can't believe you would come by yourself with a kid. that's pretty brave.

Jenny and Scott said...

Those were some cute pictures. It's and adjustment to think of Aunt Bev and Uncle Kim as grandparents, but I'm glad they love it. They have some cute grandkids.

Shannon said...

Oh I'm so happy that you had your mom look at my mom's video. She will be so embarassed to hear that. :) ha ha! Those shoes for Annabelle are dang cute! I love the bottoms with the flowers. :) Looks like you had fun in Utah! Thanks again for letting me stay with you for a couple days!

Megan Yates said...

That sounds like you had a blast! I just wish I could have been there. I'm glad you had a good time, though, and it makes me laugh about Annabelle getting so crazy and hyper!