Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Decorating Advice

I have really been wanting to do a few projects around the house to spruce it up so that it doesn't look so generic. You know, the light neutral colored walls and the offwhite trim. But at the same time I want it to be fairly neutral so when we go to sell it in a year or two I don't have to do a lot of painting to help it appeal to more buyers. (Does it sound like I have been watching way too much HGTV?)

My first project: The dining room. Now I have an idea that I think would be perfect for this room but I'm not going to tell you what it is yet. First I want to hear any advice from my dear readers. Even if I don't know you and you are just stopping by, please leave a comment. Sorry the pictures are SO bad. And ignore the table that is going to be replaced soon and my amazingly awesome centerpiece and wreath, both of which I made myself, thank-you. So get to thinking and commenting!

In 1 week I will post what my plans are for this stay tuned!


Laura said...

You need to check out The Nester. (

She has some really great decorating ideas I think you'd like. Head back to her older posts to take a look.

The Reese's said...

i'm a complete hgtv nut. it's pretty much the only station i watch. thus i have more ideas that i should. if it was my house with the intent to sell in the future i would pick a darker tan to put on the wall with the big window to give you an accent that you won't have to repaint. and i'd lower your chandelier so the top of the lights meet the top of the window. add a rug and a couple things on the wall and it'll feel lots less generic. again, that's my personal opinion.

Laura... and the boys said...

Your windows are crying for help. Up above, Laura (great name, btw) suggested the Nester- Great suggestion for windows. She's claimed fame for the window mistreatments. I've done it, and it's so inexpensive and easy and can make a HUGE difference in a room.

The window that has fabric on it already is way too large for that tiny bit of fabric. It needs a little more on top to make the windo seem taller, and a little more fulness on the sides. The bare window just needs something.

You seem to have a LOT of extra room in there... and a very small proportioned table. Do you have an extra cabinet or shelf or something you could use as a make-shift buffet/hutch?? If you don't, start shopping the thrift stores!

I'm also not sure how high up that light fixture is, from the pics, but it seems way too high. I think you should lower it if possible, to make it seem like part of the decor of the room. It will give the area a more warm and enviting feel, and less cold... dining rooms should be warm and enviting, I think.

If you want to paint, but don't want to give yourself work for later, just go for a bit darker/richer of a shade of beige or toupe (sp?). We went with the generic beige/white trim for the same reasons, and at times I love it, but at times I wish I'd picked something a bit richer. After all, it is YOUR home. Not the future someday owners'!

Good luck! sorry this was so long. I love homes. Can you tell I too watch too much HGTV? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

california smiths said...

I myself have never had a house, probably won't have a house for years (stinking california prices!) and therefore have NO ideas and watch no hgtv because it just depresses me :) I love looking at your projects and can't wait to see what you decide to do, and I will just have to get your advice when I finally have the opportunity!

Montana Brandts said...

I really have no great suggestions because lets face it... you are the crafty, creative queen and then there is me! But, I will tell you what I think might look good!

I think you should do curtains on the big window with a cute curtain rod! And, then maybe a valance on the smaller window that would tie in with the other window treatments!

I would pain the room one of 2 ways... either a nuetral color all around or with one wall darker than the others for an accent wall!

Then I would get a rug for under the table and some pictures and/or some of your cute crafty things for the wall to make it look more homey!!

Again, I am not one to talk, you have seen my plain boring house! But,if it were my house that is what I would do!

Kimberly said...


I don't have any decorating advice, I just wanted to say hello. I have been quite the slacker when it comes to keeping in touch with people. I hope that you are doing well. I sent you an email at your yahoo account, I don't know if you even use it anymore. If not my email is Hope all is well for you and good luck with the decorating!

J@y kr{}LL said...

I would say to put something in the corner. like a little stand with a plant or something to break up the geometric shape of the room a little bit and with the blue curtains you could use blue decorations like a picture or art or something and introduce some orange to compliment it and be the kinda bright fun color of the room. just a thought. I know you'll think of something fun and amazing. :) Luv Ya!!!! Jay