Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dining Room Update

It's one week later, and as promised, I will reveal my plans for my dining room. But first......Thanks to all of you for your comments and advice. If I could I would give an award to Tangi for being the first to mention the chandelier deal. I honestly had just never thought to lower it before so you can believe that as soon as I read that comment I was up on the table letting that baby down! It is much better now. And yes I am aware of The Nester. I absolutely love all her advice and ideas. I am a faithful reader.

Now I feel like I have to explain myself a little bit so that I don't have people running around telling all their friends how this girl posted pictures on her blog of her hideous dining room with a table too small and horrid window treatments. Well the truth is, I have been buying different drapes and valances and such and trying them out to see if I like them. Then I have put them back in the packaging and returned them. So the black scarf was only one of many. It may stay in the end but we'll see. And we are planning on making, yes I said making, a new table for the dining room. We have had the idea for a long time and we are thrilled that we now have a garage to house all our projects! What I was really looking for were ideas for the room itself and not so much what was IN the room but that's alright.

So here were my original plans. Paint the upper wall a nice warm neutral. Actually I printed off the picture on The Nester's blog for the Lowe's formula that is close to TR (aka Tobacco Road for those of you that don't read The Nester) and had some mixed up. I planned to paint that down to 32" from the floor and then add a chair rail. Under the chair rail would be beadboard in the same color as the trim. Then to top it off, crown molding around the ceiling in the same color as the trim as well. That has been my grand plan but I think we may have changed it slightly last night. I realized how difficult it may be to pry off the trim under the window and keep it in one piece to replace OVER the beadboard. Plus the outside corners are rounded and it might look funny to end the beadboard abruptly at the edge of the room. So I think I will just do the paint, the chair rail, and the crown molding but no beadboard for now. It can easily be added later so that may just come to pass afterall. I am excited to get started so I think I'll go start taping now!

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Montana Brandts said...

I am feeling pretty good thus far! Thanks for asking! I am extremely tired and have had a couple of rough mornings already, but other than that I am feeling great! I can't wait to see the final results to this room, and the table! I bet it will be amazing, just as all the other things you guys have made are! I still wish I had your bed!! And, yes the girls will have a ton of fun entertaining themselves ouside while we work on our tans! It will be awesome!